Of dreams and devastation

  I am not one for clichés but, at this moment, seems like every cliché in the book applies to my life, starting with: Your life can change drastically in one moment At 7:00 a.m. on January 31, 2017, my husband and I were sipping coffee and talking about the day,...

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Does every dream need to come true?

My reality and my longing tango again. The longing inside my heart, which I often describe as an ache, is strong, ever present. It won’t let me be. It isn’t a pain, it isn’t sadness, it isn’t melancholy, I don’t know how to describe it except that this ache is what...

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Holiday Gifts 2016

I am sharing a few things I love -  books, foods, appliances, services etc! I hope you will find something useful here as well. Link on the image to go to the sales page   Gifts for the book lovers in your life Books - Cookbooks This book, by Ramin Ganeshram,...

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Due East Jewelry!

My super talented friend Alison Stein has created a wonderful line of hand-made jewelry called The Due East Collection to pair with Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken! In fact, one of her pieces is a specific ode to the the book. The jewelry is a terrific buy for the...

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Life Without A Recipe: A Memoir About Food And Family

  ORDER NOW: Life Without A Recipe by Diana Abu-Jaber   Diana Abu-Jaber is my hero when it comes to writing about food! Whether I am lost in her Birds of Paradise prose or marveling her adventures in The Language of Baklava, the one thing I know for sure is...

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Who should define us?

(This appeared on Writers Unboxed in 2015) Last week, I made a rather harsh decision. I decided to quit writing. Forever. To know how hard this decision was for me, consider this: all I have wanted to do is write stories. But sharing stories, in my culture, is the...

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Should I follow my dreams?

  I receive so many letters from readers asking how they can follow their dreams. While the questions/situations vary, here are the two things that are fairly consistent: 1. Most are women 2. Almost all are looking for "someone" to grant them permission to follow...

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Top ten things I have learned from exceptional women

Get Monica's free Indian Expresss recipe eBook when you sign up for email updates. Thanks for visiting!  **** This past weekend I was delighted and honored to be a speaker at the local conference for the lovely DC Les Dames - CELEBRATING FOOD! Women in Gastronomy...

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Honoring friends

A distinct honor of being a writer is that I am surrounded by amazing writers. I had the honor of hosting Aviva Goldfarb and Amy Riolo last night to celebrate their books. It was a full house and I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring and supportive...

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Hi, I’m Monica! I am a storyteller and I love to write tales about food, love, life and culture. I hope you will find something in my stories to inspire you.

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