Cover of Asian Fortune magazine, Nov 2014

News of my debut The Devil in Us - Stories of love, life and redemption is featured as cover of this month's Asian Fortune magazine (Nov, 2014)! I hope you will read the fun story. And, of course, I am thrilled to be on the cover of a magazine.. a first for me!!  You...

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Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good

BUY NOW -- BURNT TOAST MAKES YOU SING GOOD  I was one of the beta readers of Kathleen Flinn's newest book - Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good, and I have to tell you that each time I read something by her I am reminded what it is like to be in the hands of a good...

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Top Ten Power Dining Spots in Washington D.C.

  I am so delighted to share some of my favorite power dining spots in Washington, D.C.  I hope you will enjoy the read and do share your favorites with me!   TOP TEN POWER DINING SPOTS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (istock photo)  

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The Quantified Author: Lessons from my food writing career

In April of 2014, I wrote a story for the ASJA magazine on the lessons I have learned over the last ten years as a food writer. Today, I would like to share that story with you all. I look forward to hearing your feedback, insights and advice as I embark on my next...

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Freak Show Without a Tent by Nevin Martell

Please join in me congratulating my friend and fellow writer, Nevin Martell, on the release of his terrific new book: Freak Show Without a Tent.  I really adore Nevin's writing and his sense of humor in particular. This book captures it all. First of all the story is...

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Soccer and Life Lessons

(This story first ran in 2010) I can't swim, I can't ride a bike and I can't play any sport to save my life. I’m not afraid of the water, or of falling, or of engaging in physical sports. I’m just a product of my upbringing. I grew up in the Middle East, a...

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A Life of Spice on Wattpad

  I am so delighted to share this news: Wattpad invited me to share my non-fiction food writing on their lovely site. My series titled, A Life of Spice, debuts today. First up is my essay  -- A Question of Taste.  READ IT HERE (The cover shot is by Stephanie...

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Grocery Store Tales

What do the contents in someone's grocery cart say about them? Of course, you can always read it here:   Grocery Store Tales:  I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day in NoVa, sun was glittering, a cool wind was blowing and I was picking...

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Monica Bhide

Hi, I’m Monica! I am a storyteller and I love to write tales about food, love, life and culture. I hope you will find something in my stories to inspire you.

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