I am not one for clichés but, at this moment, seems like every cliché in the book applies to my life, starting with: Your life can change drastically in one moment

At 7:00 a.m. on January 31, 2017, my husband and I were sipping coffee and talking about the day, grumbling at CNN about politics, and making dinner plans with the children.

At 8:30 a.m., out of the blue, he was being wheeled in for a massive, completely unexpected, life-changing surgery, and the surgeon was telling me to “call the family” because he might not make it.  The next few nights, weeks, months were spent in ICU praying, praying, praying and more praying. At just 47, he suffered a devastating brain bleed, had to be operated on and is now, by God’s grace, healing. His long-term prognosis is very good. When he left the hospital to go to rehab, the doctor who discharged him said, “You are the miracle patient we will tell out other patients about.”

I strongly believe that prayers are the most powerful medication, and all your prayers helped us so much through this time.

(Three weeks after this event, I got into a massive car accident. Talk about the Universe resetting my perspective. I am all reset now!)

Through all of this, I was repeatedly reminded of how blessed we are as a family. Family, friends, colleagues surrounded us with prayers, love, support, guidance and, of course, deliciously cooked meals almost every night for two months. Every time I turned around, there was a friend in person, on the phone, or via text or email offering support and help. It felt like the Universe gave us a big hug and surrounded us with so much love that our cup of gratitude overflows.

So many of you, my readers, friends and fans have repeatedly reached out to ask how you can help. As you all know, medical situations come with financial concerns. To that end, as a writer, words and books are how I make a living. Sameer will need 24-hour care as he heals and recovers, and I will not be able to work full-time for a while, other than just completing a few writing projects here and there.


So this is how you can help: If you have enjoyed my work and want to support me through this, all I request is that you buy a book or two or more to share with your friends. The sales of the books will help keep our dream alive. I say “our dream” as my writing career is not just my dream. It is a dream that Sameer and I created together and we don’t want it to die.

You can order the books here and if you feel compelled to do so, I would love for you to share this post and these links.

Ordering the books from —- Amazon

Ordering the books from – BN

Ordering the books from – Itunes

Ordering the books from KOBO

And, even during dark times, the Universe sent a small wink: The Library of Virginia has nominated Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken for an award in fiction. Barbara Kingsolver was among the previous winners of this prestigious award. I am so honored. It was a small bit of brightness in a tough, tough time.

Thank you for your continued support, love, prayers and good wishes. We are so thankful.



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  1. So sorry to hear about these difficult times. I pray that you and your family get through these times with love, patience and courage. Looking forward to reading your book!

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