The morning is quiet, as usual. I come down the stairs and head straight towards my prayer altar. I close my eyes, fold my hands and say thanks for the day that was and am about to ask for blessings for the day that is when my prayer is interrupted.

“Mom, today is my field trip, don’t forget to remind me to take my lunch. Do you know that we are going for Science class. And all the kids are coming. I am so excited. I need breakfast. I am going to get cereal, you want some?” Meet Child 1. We became parents when he showed up twelve years ago. He came as a surprise after doctors told me that I had a spilt uterus and could never get pregnant (a misdiagnosis).

He is almost as tall as I am but, as of yet, does not cringe when I reach over and brush his soft hair with my fingers and kiss his forehead.

I am about to talk about lunch when we are interrupted again.

“Mama, mama, I had a dream last night and you and daddy were in it. Mama, are you listening? Where is my milk? Mama, I want milk.” Meet Child 2. He is five going on fifteen. When he was born, our parental status turned to staff.

He runs up and gives me a kiss and then whispers in my ear, “How is your tummy? Does it still hurt? Let me give it a kiss.”

Before I can respond to anything, they are gone in to the living room and a frenzied discussion erupts about American Idol.  Then, the fight begins, their favorite is out and they cannot decide on a new favorite. They disagree with their father on this choice. They try to wrestle each other to see who wins and the winner decides who the family will vote for. Dad and the twelve year old try to wrestle the little one. But, oh, he is good. He lets out one cry and escapes with a naughty glint in his eyes. “Mama can pick. Mama, you pick,” the boys say to me.

I stand and watch and smile…

This is what I want for Mother’s Day. This is what I want for the rest of my life: to have my prayers interrupted so I know exactly what I am grateful for….every waking moment of my life.

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  1. That sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day. Beautiful!

    1. So kind of you. THANK YOU.

  2. Lovely. And a very nice reminder.

  3. Oh my gosh, how do you do this?! All I do is sigh and then realize how much I can relate with you, every time I read your posts.
    Happy Mothers Day Monica!

    1. You are just too kind! Thank you.

  4. Wonderful post. We cann’t wish for anything more than being interrupted between every task we do. My little one is 17 months old and being a boy he is one handful. I love him so much but he is way too naughty that I feel that I should wrap him with my dupatta so he could stay in one place. But that never happens!!! Happy mother’s day Monica.

  5. Beautiful interruptions! Yes, keep them coming. Wonderdul blessings from God.

  6. I would take a day like that. My children are grown and mostly know how to break my heart. They are too busy and totally uninterested in what is meaningful to me. It is not spending money or taking me out for a meal; it never has been. It is sharing something I love with me; buying a new plant or putting an already purchased one into the ground. Simply sitting on the patio and talking would be a huge bonus to that gift; but alas, they are too busy. They exalt the importance of their own relationships and pay little attention to ours which I might still consider important. Yes…I would love to be interrupted again and have that moment one more time.

    1. Your note made me tear up. HUGS HUGS HUGS..

  7. Beautiful Monica. This is what we pray for, no ?
    Happy Mother’s day.

  8. Your post is such a beautiful reminder of what is really important in life. Enjoy every interruption/exclamation/family moment.

  9. My 7 month old has got me on my toes already and it feels good when my prayers are interrupted with her boohs and baahs. Happy Mother’s day Monica.

  10. Each child pulls at our heart strings in such a blessedly unique way. I pray that we will all immerse ourselves in those moments, and forgive ourselves for the moments when we don’t. And to think we thought we were happy before we were mothers… Having a husband who understands his important role in our family’s life is vessel that holds it all together. You definitely have that in Sameer.

  11. Monica… you left me speechless, especially as I picture the dialog between your beautiful boys. God bless them and the two of you.

  12. Motherhood certainly takes us on some really weird paths:) I can relate to every word you wrote, except for the wrestling, as I have three girls (sub a lot of screeching, scratching, and whining:)
    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

    1. Enjoy your girls! Wishing you well, always!

  13. Ah, the comfort of an early morning chaos, priceless!

  14. Beautiful post Monica. happy Mothers day. I am also a mother of 17 month old boy. I am enjoying every moment of it. Have fun.

  15. Loved reading this as much as I do all your other writings!

  16. This is the most touching, beautiful Mother’s Day post I have read and I’ll look at my two sons differently today because of it. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day.

  17. Your vignette beautifully captures the sweet pleasure of parenthood. I look forward to sharing it, thank you.

  18. Thank you for sharing. I love this post!! Happy Mother’s Day Monica

  19. Monica, this was the most stunningly beautiful piece of writing I’ve read in a long time. It’s such a short post, and the situation you describe is so common, but the fact that you’re able to see — and express — the grace in the moment is truly extraordinary.

  20. Such a beautiful post Monica. Makes me want to be a mom soon 🙂

  21. A lovely chaos beautifully described

  22. Marvelous, profound, funny, insightful. Love this. Reminders are good.

  23. What a lovely post, Monica! Happy Mother’s Day! xx

  24. Such a seemingly simple wish…yet it’s everything.

  25. Loved it 🙂

  26. So lovely, Monica. Our children are such a daily blessing. Now I feel so trite sharing what I really want for Mother’s Day (besides Jessica to win on American Idol!):

  27. Such wise words for all phases of life, but so, so true as we feel the time with our children at home rushing away. My husband used to tease my daughter when she was little, that she shouldn’t grow up to fast. He’d say, “slow down, you’re gonna crash!” She’s now 17 and her older brother almost 20 and while he will no longer let me brush his hair off his forehead, I feel blessed that he will be home from college late Saturday night and will be home not just for Mother’s Day, but for one more summer!

  28. Thanks to all of you for such kind comments. I am very touched and very honored. We all have to count our blessings every day. HUGS

  29. Monica your writing always leaves me mushy and I’m not even a mother!! Beautiful piece.

  30. What a beautiful post

  31. What a beautiful post. Tugged so many strings in my heart for all the right reasons. Blessed we are as mothers, aren’t we. Happy mother’s Day

  32. I want that! I don’t have it yet .. but someday, may be I will and i hope I get that 🙂

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