Recently on social media, I have asked the question: Do you believe in luck? How do you define luck?

I got amazing and insightful answers and I am grateful.

I had asked for a very selfish reason. Luck is my crutch and I keep trying to justify it. Whenever I don’t get something I want (abundance in money, friends, family, work, career, anything at all), I have a tendency to say, “Oh, I did not get it because I just don’t have the luck.”

I think many of us have a crutch. It is what we use to hold on when all else seems to be going to hell. It is what we use as an excuse to rely on. I know I do. I have also noticed that the crutch isn’t something that cannot be changed or is out of our control, it is just something that to us seems insurmountable.  It seems bigger than reality and out of our control.

Crutches that I have learned about from friends and colleagues:

  • My husband/partner hates it when I do X
  • I was born this way
  • It is the will of the Universe
  • I don’t have the talent
  • I don’t have the willpower
  • If only this person or situation was different, then all would be fine
  • I don’t have the “add crutch here”

It has been a long and difficult year for me and I have decided today that I am going to break my crutch. Why? It does not seem to be doing what it used to. When I first started saying that “I don’t have the luck,” it was comforting, it was a way to save face when I did not get the coveted TV deal or novel contract. Now, after years of using it, it seems like an excuse. It seems like what I run to when I run out of energy or hope. Instead, now, I am looking at an abundant Universe that, as someone much wiser than me said, will conspire to help me if I keep doing what I love.

What is your crutch? Are you going to break it or are you going to let it break you?

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