Powered by Hope is my new podcast project that is very personal to me.

I have spoken to so many of you about what is going on and you have encouraged me to share my reflections and musings on staying centered during chaotic times. I humbly offer you a gentle perspective as we face a new normal and learn what it means to be physically distanced and, yet, connected to our very core.

I hope you will find this audio helpful. Please do share your insights as that will help me define new topics to discuss.

You can listen to each podcast here or directly from my Soundcloud page.

Episode 12: Fortune Telling

Episode 11: The Belief

Episode 10: Knock Knock

Episode 9: Acceptance

Episode 8: Feeling Alone

Episode 7: Feel the Fear

Episode 6: Be Still

 Episode 5: Tell me a Story

Episode 4: All the Noise

Episode 3: The Secret Ingredient

Episode 2: Running on Belief

Episode 1: Singing over the Bones

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