The first e-mail made me smile. As a writer focusing on Indian food, I often receive notes from people requesting recipes. But this e-mailer wanted the recipe for chicken curry. Over the years, many similar emails have followed. In fact, it’s the recipe that’s most requested of me. And still I smile. Imagine asking a cook from the United States for the recipe for barbecue? Would that be barbecue from Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee or Kansas City, just for starters? Just as many states, regions and sub-regions in the United States have their own version of barbecue, every state and sub-region of India has its own version of chicken curry -which translates literally to “chicken in a spiced sauce.” I did a story on this for the Washington Post.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to ask the same question again  – this time to Food Bloggers. I asked if they had a chicken curry recipe they could share and here is what I got… an amazing collection of mouth-watering and diverse recipes.

1. Monica’s Simple Chicken curry: This is mine. A very easy recipe that is doable on a weeknight. No fuss needed. (Image by Sala Kannan)


2. Judy Purcell’s Basic Chicken curry: I loved this recipe since it has coconut milk and vegetables. Also, she includes some very interesting information in the blog post on spices. Photo from Judy Purcell’s website.

3. Kalyn’s Kitchen’s Ground Chicken and Chickpea curry stew with yogurt and cilantro – My kids loved this recipe from Kalyn Denny. It is simple but oh so flavorful. I have made this several times and it is always a hit. My only addition is that I garnish with sliced green chiles. Photo from Kayln’s website used with permission.

4. Farihah Masud Ali’s White Chicken curry: A super recipe that shows that not curries are born to be orange-hued! Photo used with permission.

5. Charmian Christie’s No Butter Butter Chicken – Yep, another favorite here at the Bhide house. We love Charmians recipes and have been fans for a long time. This one impresses! Photo used with permission.

6. Lana Taylor Stuart’s Chicken County Captain – Lana says that this very old, traditional Southern recipe (Chicken Country Captain) was brought to Savannah by the captain of a vessel that sailed the spice route from India in the early 1800s. It is on my to-try list! Photo used with permission.

7. Anne Foster Coleman’s Chicken Curry with Mangoes! This is one of the most unusual recipes that I have ever seen. I cannot wait to try it! Photo used with permission.

8.  Alanna Kellogg Chicken Curry with Cashews – I loved the combination of cashews and coconut milk in this easy recipe.


9. Prerna Singh’s Chicken Curry – a beautiful post and a beautiful recipe. Photo used with permission.


10. Betty Ann Besa-Quirino’s Cabbage and Chicken in a coconut curry broth. So this is not a classical curry but one look at the post and I was hooked! Gorgeous dish with terrific flavors! Photo used with permission.

How do you make your chicken curry? Do share!

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  1. What a luscious round up of chicken curry recipes! Thank you so much for including me . What an honor! And thanks for sharing all the links. These new found recipes will keep me quite busy for a while. All the best, Monica!

  2. Thanks so much for including my Chicken Country Captain in this group of fantastic curry recipes. I can’t wait to try all of these starting with yours!

  3. mouth-watering Monica . . . and it’s only breakfast!!!

  4. Hi Monica, thanks so much for including my recipe in your post ~ I’m honored. I have browsed the other posts too, what a tasty collection, I can’t wait to try each one! 🙂

  5. I love how you’ve found such diverse curry recipes. Thanks for including me in this amazing round-up. However, you’ve caused me some distress. Which of these curries do I try first?!

  6. This an amazing list Monica! Honored to be a part of it.

  7. So honored to have you all here. So thrilled! THank you all for participating.

  8. Thank you so much for the inclusion, Monica! This is a mouth-watering post!

  9. Great article Monica. I like how you compare the term Chicken Curry with BBQ, and you quite rightly state that curry is merely a term for describing something that is cooked in a “spiced sauce”. One of my favourite dishes is a chicken “curry” that my grandad used to make which is cooked in a ginger and turmeric spiced sauce and is bright yellow with flecks of green coriander. Incredibly simple to make but flavourful.

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