Bloggers and food lovers from around the world- UK, India, Brussels, Canada, US–  were invited to cook dishes from Modern Spice and share their experience here. I am so excited to say that the response was so favorable that I had to divide the dinner into 5 sections so I could feature all the photos and quotes! In addition, Gretchen Roberts provided great information on what to drink for the dinner.

Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen. This is your dinner party!!! THANK YOU

You can click here to go to a section or just scroll down to see all the yummy recipes and the wonderful folks who took the time to contribute —

1. Modern Spice Potluck Dinner part 1

2. Modern Spice Potluck Dinner part 2

3. Modern Spice Potluck Dinner part 3

4. Modern Spice Potluck Dinner part 4

5.Modern Spice Potluck Dinner part 5

6. Modern Spice Potluck Dinner – The Wine Selection 

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