Bloggers from around the world participated in the Modern Spice Potluck – they basically cooked the book! From drinks to appetizers to desserts, they cooked, photographed and blogged about their experience. You can read their brief quotes here and then click on their names to be transported to their amazing sites for more details about their experiences cooking and eating from Modern Spice.


Chile Pea PuffsJoy Manning pea puffs "The filling for these tasty appetizers came together in no time flat, and I forgot how handy wanton wrappers can be for quick appetizers. It was so much fun to make my own paneer (though that isn't necessary), and it was also as easy as could be. I can't wait to bring these to a real-life pot luck to share with my friends. They are the perfect party snack. Tonight, though, I enjoyed them with my husband in front of the Sci-Fi channel with a couple of beers. They made a Saturday night in feel festive." Joy Manning

Mini-Savory Cheesecakes with Tomatillo ChutneyPaula Nino- Cheesecake "Don't let the long list of ingredients fool you. The recipe for the savory mini-cheesecakes is easy to make and the end result is delicious. The sweet and tart chutney is a perfect complement for the cheesecake. A savory dessert." Paula Nino (photo credit, Rachael Lee Coleman),

Pan seared trout with Mint ChutneyJulie Ohara -TroutMintChutney “"It's hard to believe that this easy recipe could taste so special, but it does. The chutney is fresh, spicy and addictive–I'll use it a dozen different ways in my cooking!" Julie O’Hara ,

Oven roasted cauliflower with fennel chili rub – Charmian - Cauliflower  "I'm glad my husband doesn't like cauliflower because I could eat the whole pan myself. Roasting brings out the best in this vegetable and the spices are warm enough to give depth without overpowering. I'll definitely be adding this recipe to my rotation." Charmian Christie,


Brown rice with vegetables and cumin – Tara Desmond - ric  “The pulao is distinctive because of the spices enlisted in the recipe, which create complexity from minimalism.” Tara Mataraza Desmond 


Saffron Cardamom MacaroonsDorieGreenspan- Macaroons “Making these macaroons was an adventure for me.  While I’d used saffron in tagines and rice dishes, I’d never before added it to a dessert.  It was perfect with the coconut and so good with the cardamom.  It’s a combination I’ll be playing around with again soon.” Dorie Greenspan.



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  1. Monica, it’s so terrific to see so many of your wonderful recipes cooked by so many people. I loved participating in your virtual dinner party, my only regret is that we all couldn’t be together “for real”. This was fun, but all of us in the same place at the same time … just imagine …

    Thank you for inviting me to the party. I wish you every success with your terrific new book. xoDorie

  2. Agreed! It is so much fun to see how all the dishes turned out and were enjoyed. Thanks for bringing everyone together in this way, Monica!

  3. I’m with Dorie. It would have been great to have been able to do this “for real”. Loved seeing all the dishes.

    Thanks so much for putting me on the guest list.

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