I just want to thank everyone for their support of my ebook “In Conversation with Exceptional Women.”

I hope that you have your copy and are loving it.

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Get Yourself Going Every Morning with “In Conversation with Exceptional Women

I am posting some reviews/coverage of the book here:

  1. This review of the ebook by Jill Hough made me tear up. http://www.jillhough.com/2012/02/cooking-the-books-in-conversation-with-exceptional-women/ “I mean, how can you not love that Food Network star Daisy Martinez is inspired to cook when she’s ecstatically happy or seriously sad? Or that super-blogger Molly Wizenberg motivates herself by making “work dates” with friends? Or that a divorce caused Deborah Madison, award-winning cookbook author and founding chef of San Francisco’s Greens restaurant, to lose her interest in cooking, but that a neighbor’s small children helped her get it back?  I don’t recommend reading “In Conversation with Exceptional Women” straight through. Rather, I recommend dipping into it, regularly, to better ponder and digest its tidbits. This isn’t heavy-duty stuff – but it’s deceptively light, with gems buried in its off-the-cuff conversational style.
  • MasalaMommas says: “If you’re looking for  a bit of inspiration to go with that cup of chai you have in your hands, we’ve got the perfect companion. Powerful and insightful, “In Conversation with Exceptional Women”, written by Monica Bhide, compiles reflections from over 50 influential women (writers, chefs, photographers, moms) on developing – and thriving – as a creative professional.” You can read the interview here.
  • Capital Cooking’s Lauren Desantis spoke with me about life in the food world: You can read that interview here:

If you do not have an ereader and want to read the book, I can provide you a PDF. Click here to order a pdf now (PDF will be emailed to you within 24 hours)..

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