I am so thrilled to have a feature in KIWI magazine this month. The focus is on foods that little fingers can pick up and eat! And one of the recipes featured is this super simple fruit kebab with a zesty dressing. The secret ingredient: ginger! Ginger is sooo good for all of us. Ginger contains antioxidants and fiber. It is an anti-inflammatory and is high in potassium.

I hope you will try this one recipe and pick up a copy of the magazine for all the other recipes that I know your kiddos will love!

Fruit kebabs with zesty dip

What’s more fun, making or eating these fruit-on-a- stick treats? Hard to say: Kids will get a kick out of both. Gingerroot adds a touch of sharpness to the dip, but you can leave it out if you or your kids don’t like the flavor. When you’re serving, give everyone a small bowl of dip. Then kids can double-dip to their hearts’ content!

Prep time: 15 minutes + 1 hour chilling time

For the kebabs:

1/2                  small honeydew melon (or your choice of melon)

8                  small fresh strawberries, halved

3/4                 cup seedless grapes

2                  ounces Monterey Jack cheese cubes

8                  small mozzarella cheese balls

For the dip:

1/3                  cup fresh orange juice

2                  tablespoons olive oil

2                  tablespoons honey

1/2              teaspoon peeled gingerroot, minced

1/2                 teaspoon orange zest

1/4                teaspoon lemon zest

1/2                teaspoon soy sauce

1. Using a melon baller, make as many melon balls as you can (you will probably be able to get about 12).

2. Thread a bamboo skewer with the melon balls, strawberries, grapes, and cheese.

3. Make the dip by combining all the ingredients in a jar with a lid. Close the lid and shake well. Chill for an hour to let the flavors meld.

Serves 8

The photographer for the story, Ghazelle Badiozamani, was kind enough to allow me to use this photo on the site here. Here is more information about this very talented photographer:

“Ghazalle Badiozamani is a Persian born – California raised – New Yorker. Her work has appeared in publications ranging the gamut from New York Magazine to Kiwi Magazine to American Lawyer Media, and she has a cookbook hitting the stands next spring. Ghazalle has an eye for the beauty found in simple moments and a passion for sharing her vision with others.” She is at www.ghazallephotography.com

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  1. The kebabs look so refreshing and great for little and big fingers! Can’t wait to make them.

  2. wow very nice and very help full for us. thsnks 🙂

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