If you are a reader of this blog, you will know that I write very often about what I have learned from my kids. Kids are great teachers and I learn so much from them each and everyday.

But as a parent, I have responsibilities too and one of the MOST critical responsibility is teaching my children to value themselves and those around them. And then, very importantly, to teach them how to share their abundance with the world.   I learned this lesson years ago from a woman who taught me what it meant to be a girl and why girls were important. Her way of teaching was to use an old Indian tradition called Kanjak and it was meant only for girls. I had to modify it to suit modern times… and BOYS!

I hope you will take few minutes to listen to: Of Divas and Soccer Stars.

Our children are special: boys and girls. Let’s not take any blessing for granted.

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  1. yep… I remember this crystal clear! this is practiced during Navratri among the Tambram community in south India,
    nine little girls, nine days, The also do a similar ceremony for married women. Wow, thanks for bringing this beautiful custom to everyone’s notice!

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