It’s trendy and healthy, but will the strict diet work for you?

I wrote a story on vegan diets for older Americans for AARP.ORG and you can read it here. I would love your comments. One thing to note, and this is critical: Not one of the amazing folks I interviewed focused on eating processed fake foods. All the experts talked about eating real foods and make smart substitutions. I mention this because there is a lot going on right now about vegan diets but all focused on eating fake foods (after Oprah Winfrey aired an episode on going vegan). Read some interesting discussions on that here and here.

Also, I focused this story on the health implications of a vegan diet for folks over 55 (so  you will not see political or other issues mentioned here).

Are you vegan? I would love to hear how and why you started. What are some of your favorite recipes? I struggle with eating anything but eggs for breakfast. Do you have a wonderful vegan recipe that you can direct me to for breakfast?

(photo from iSTOCK)

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  1. My special veggie recipe is grilled tomatoes. In these days i cooked for my 6 guests. They really like my vegan cooking.

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