IStock photo of Green Cardamom

Istock photo – Green Cardamom


I am so super excited about my first-ever story for Saveur magazine!! It is about my love of cardamom.  I have to admit I was super-excited to do this article. Every since I began writing, it was my dream to see my by-line in Saveur. 

IStock photo of black cardamom

IStock photo – black cardamom


Not only does this feature have my thoughts on cardamom but features out favorite family recipe of cardamom chicken curry which uses both black and green cardamoms. You will HAVE to try it and let me know what you think!! 

My cardamom chicken curry

 My recent shot of my chicken curry 

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  1. Looks impressive! Two thumbs up!

  2. Congratulations. Dreams do come true. I love green cardamom too.

  3. Congrats on the article Monica! (I admit, I have the same dream.) 😉

  4. Congrats! I have the same dream too! This is in the April issue, right? Can’t wait!

  5. I loved the article, but was so, so sad they chopped it up with that horrid advertising copy stuck in throughout. It deserved way more respect than that. Loved it though!

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