DURATION: 6 weeks

NEXT SESSION: Sept 15th, 2014

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This comprehensive six-week course will enable you to combine your love of food and your passion for writing into a marketable skill. You’ll learn about the different kinds of food writing: service articles, recipe development, cookbook writing, blogging, memoirs, essays, restaurant reviews and more. I will teach you how to find hidden markets for your ideas, how to track down the correct editors at publications, and how to make your food writing really shine. This course, presented along with skill-building assignments, will give you an in-depth understanding of the food writing profession. Whether you wish to develop recipes, write a family cookbook, break into a national food magazine, or write food essays, this course will provide you with a solid foundation from which to build on. Included in the course materials will be interviews with the food editor of the Chicago Tribune, the travel editor of Food & Wine, the restaurant critic for the Washington Post, and more.

“I learned so much from Monica’s class.  Thanks to Monica’s guidance I wrote my most popular blog post ever.   I love that Monica will help you push your own personal boundaries.  She also gives you much insider knowledge about food writing outside of blogging that it really opens your eyes up to what is out there.  I have always found her inspiration heartwarming, and have looked to her guidance to pull through when burnout happens.   I highly recommend taking this class, it will help you determine how to improve your writing skill, determining what you should do next, and she gives invaluable guidance on how to move forward in your food writing career.” Stephanie Manley.

“”Monica Bhide’s Introduction to Food Writing course was instrumental in giving me the skills AND the encouragement to take the next step in becoming a food journalist.  Her course covers the basics of learning how to describe food and dining experiences without using cliches, tailoring your writing for a specific publication, and understanding specifically how to pitch your story ideas to magazines and other media.  Her practical course is a terrific way for new authors to understand the marketplace for their writing, as well as seasoned journalists to gain perspective of other mediums (like Recipe Development or Food Essays).  I highly recommend Monica’s course to anyone who is passionate about food, and loves to share their knowledge and experiences with the world.” Christof Laputka

“Monica Bhide’s foodwriting course is pure joy. Her love for the subject and enthusiasm comes across in her meticulous course materials and generous feedback. Many internet courses skim the surface of the subject matter, but Bhide dives in straight and deep. Not only do her lessons cover the pros and cons of different food writing aspects, she includes targeted Q&As with food writing professionals and carefully crafted samples that drive the information home. While Bhide’s exercises require serious commits of time and thought, they aren’t just “busy work”. The assignments mirror real life scenarios or build practical skills you can put to immediate use. The highlight of the course is Bhide’s feedback. She gives unrestrained praise where earned and constructive, helpful suggestions to fill the gaps. I highly recommend taking this food writing course. My only complaint is it ended too soon.” —Charmian Christie

During the six weeks of Monica’s food writing class I learned one invaluable tip related to creating recipes, developed my first essay related to food and sent it to an appropriate market, and created an idea for a cookbook. On top of that, Monica offered highly personalized attention throughout the course. I highly recommend this class – and working with Monica – to anyone who wants to learn about and/or expand their knowledge of food writing, its joys and its challenges. —Lisa Waterman Gray

After taking Monica’s class, I understand the world through the eyes of a food writer is not as simple as it may first appear.  It takes finding your voice, finding your passion and realizing the value of hard work.  It is invaluable to hear the lessons and feedback offered by Monica to help you understand what it takes to make a successful communicator — and how to actually get your work printed.  A great jump-start to anyone interested in breaking into food writing or thinking about changing careers. —  Dana Wallace


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Monica Bhide has: discussed truffles with the grand-old Chef extraordinaire Imtiaz Querishi in Mumbai; sampled hamur on dhows in Dubai; sipped camel’s milk in Bahrain; followed a superstar food critic around Mumbai and an anonymous one in DC; presented Spices and Rices at the French Embassy in DC and gotten lost on the backstreets of Delhi searching for the perfect paratha; tapaoed in DC with Chef Jose Andres and sampled the amazing cuisine of Chef Ananda Solomon; taught cooking on-line (yes it can be done) and in her cooking school; sampled flights of honey and hosted colorful henna parties each spring. Monica has written on food for such publications as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Bon Appetit, Town and Country Travel, Food and Wine, Cooking Light, Coastal Living, Health, and Better Nutrition. Her highly praised first cookbook, The Spice Is Right: Easy Indian Cooking for Today (Callawind Publications, 2001) is a collection of mouth-watering menus tempered with her up-to-date touches on classic Indian recipes. Monica’s newest cookbook, The Everything Indian Cookbook: 300 Tantalizing Recipes–From Sizzling Tandoori Chicken to Fiery Lamb Vindaloo (Everything Series) was released in May 2004. Monica was also the recipient of the Susan B. Langhorne Scholarship for Food Writers at the Symposium for Professional Food Writers in 2004 and the runner up for the 2005 award.

Download Monica’s FAQ – new faq (PDF format)

COST: $750 for the Gold version, which includes six weeks of phone support (1/2 hour per week, by appointment) and e-mail support. $500 for the Premium version with e-mail support only. $200 for the Basic version with no phone or e-mail support.

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  1. Hello! I just missed your current course. Could you please email when you know your next course start date? Many thanks-Christine VB

    1. Hi there, next class is Sept 8th and is already filling up. Let me know if you want me to hold a spot for you.

  2. Sweet! Just returned from a trip and I’ll get registered today or tomorrow. Can you please send me a link? Thank you!!

  3. Hi Monica,
    I am a great fan of our, live in the Emirates and work here as well. I have a great corner for reading, writing as well as catching up on most of the food blogs. Please advise if it would be practical for me to sign up for this course, with email support ?
    Many thanks,

    1. Thanks for your note. I have students from all over the world taking the class. Today, you can write and pitch from anywhere! Do you have a specific question or concern that I can help with?

      1. Thanks Monica for your prompt response. My concern is lack of confidence. I have a full time job as an Office Manager, and have no basic qualifications in cookery or as a food writer, other than my passion for cooking, reading and collecting cookbooks/recipes ( a big hoarder in fact), surfing sites related to cookery when time permits, and of course writing business letters. Do you think Iam eligible to sign up for this course ? Please advise and I would sign up asap. Thanking you once again for your time. Anita

        1. THis class is intended to help new writers. It is an intense class with a good amount of work required by the student. If you are serious about writing, you should take the class.

          I also offer one-on-one consulting if you prefer to do that. Please send me an email and we can discuss.

  4. Hi Monica,
    I’d love to take your writing class. May I reserve a spot for your September session. In the meantime, over summer is there any reading or writing I can do to prepare? Thanks.

  5. Hello- Is your writing class for Sept 2014 full? How may I reserve a spot? Thank you, Maribel

    1. Maribel – You need to register to reserve a spot. Registration info is on the same page as class info. Looking forward to having you in the class.

  6. I would like to join your next course Monica, please let me know how to joln! Karen

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