I was at Union Market a few weeks ago and was so thrilled to see a spice store in the thriving market: Bazaar Spices. The store is run by owners Monica Grover and her husband Ivan. They provided me with a little description of the store that I am sharing with you and, then, scroll down, to see my little picture tour of the lovely and very aromatic store.

“Bazaar Spices carries an extensive collection of spices, herbs, botanicals, rice, flours, and lentils from around the world and, whenever possible, from local growers. We offer a friendly learning environment that encourages our customers not only to ask questions but also to share their knowledge, with the goal of building a destination for Union Market patrons who want to explore culinary and healing traditions in their own kitchens and homes.

We are Ivan and Monica, the owners of Bazaar Spices.
We have lived in the DC community for over 10 years. Recently, we left the corporate and nonprofit worlds to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. Witnessing how local markets contribute to the fabric of a community and how the spice and herb shop, alongside the butcher and the baker, forms the foundation of these markets, we were inspired to launch Bazaar Spices.
Being fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit markets in the four corners of the world, we gained a deep understanding of the role markets play in cultivating a strong feeling of community. Through Bazaar Spices, we seek to replicate this sense of purpose and interconnectedness in our DC community and share our appreciation for authentic regional foods—in particular, the spices and herbs that are used in so many traditional dishes and healing remedies.
Through Bazaar Spices, our approach is not only to offer a diverse assortment of high-quality spices, herbs, botanicals, rice, flours, and lentils from around the world, but also to educate and be educated, about these wonderful natural gifts.”


Union Market

1309 5th St NE

Washington, DC 20002

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  1. Is this actually in the food court (lower) area of Union Square? I need a better reference than just the address to get a visual image. THANKS

    1. Yes. It is in the food court area.

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