I am so delighted to announce that I have formed a partnership with Cookstr. Cookstr is the go to site for fabulous, tested, delightful cookbook recipes.  According to their site, “Our online recipe library offers thousands of recipes by hundreds of the top chefs and cookbook authors, that are free for everyone on Cookstr.com. This year alone, Cookstr.com powered recipe searches in over 20,000 cities and 200 countries!”

Our partnership focuses on my iSpice app.  Now the users of iSPICE can find links to Cookstr recipes throughout the app. More for your money! The app is just $2.99

Here is the formal announcement that went to all Cookstr members today:

Cookstr’s recipes can now be found on iSpice, a simple application that lets you keep an encyclopedia of spices in your pocket. iSpice includes basic flavors like rosemary and cumin, and more complex mixes like the Ethiopian Berbere and the Indian Garam Masala. Each entry includes photos of the ingredient or dishes prepared with the ingredient in question. Each entry has links to reliable recipes on Cookstr using that ingredient, and links on where you can purchase the ingredient. Many of the ingredients have YouTube video links showcasing how to use the spice or grow the herb or use it in a dish.”

So come on over and spice up your plate with the iSpice App! This fun and simple application guides you and teaches you about different spices, herbs and seasonings. You will find valuable information on the spice, videos, recipes and of course where to purchase the ingredients, all for only $2.99*. Click here to buy the iSpice App in the iTunes Store, and click here to read reviews of the app.

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