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Want to learn more about cardamom? What to know where you can buy curry leaves? Wondering exactly what Berbere is? Want tips on how to cook with peppers? Now there is an app for that!

I hope this will help cooks all around the world learn more about familiar spices and gain knowledge about what new spices they could use.

My super simple app on spices is on sale for the holidays for just $1.99. This special is over now (Feb 1) and the price is back to $2.99

My hope is that you will add your own tips, recipes, links on where to buy into the app and grow it and make it your own. This is a start. We are going to add a lot more with upcoming versions. But I wanted to create this for all my readers – a simple way to find and buy spices with links on wonderful recipes and youtube videos related to the spice/herb. I did this project on my own without big sponsors, without a budget. It is a start of something very useful. I hope.

Have a spice/seasoning/herb that you love that is not featured? Write to me and I will add it in the next version. Have a recipe with a herb you love .. email me a link and I will add it. Or you can add it yourself in the comments section of each spice.

So come one, download, click and go iSPICE!!

Some sample screen shots to show you what to expect —




(Many thanks to David Leite for creating this gorgeous icon ad).

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  1. Oh I love this! The App is so reasonably priced! It’s even cheaper than the spices itself! Thanks for giving this info! Must buy this now. How can I gift wrap this App to give as a holiday gift to friends? Any ideas? Hugs, Monica!

    1. Many, many thanks! I think you can just send it as a gift via iTUNES

  2. Hi Monica,

    Do you have this app on Droid?

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