Actually there are millions. I love the energy of the city, the diversity and all the cliches about it are true and they are all false! It all depends on your point of view. I adore walking around Times Square playing tourist. I love sitting in Bryant Park watching people read or play chess. I am inspired by the spice stores, overwhelmed by the food choices and consumed by the need to eat it all!

Here is my photo essay on a recent visit to the inspiring city:

1. Gorgeous guavas on a street stand. Choices of fruits astound:
IMG_1564 IMG_1565
 2. Earrings on a table on the sidewalk:

 3. Summer bounty in Chinatown, NYC:

 4.  Quench your thirst NYC style:

5.  A store window in Little Italy:

6. Hand-made toys in Chinatown:

7. Concrete but with great spirit:   

 8. Check out this NYC Trader Joe's.. it used to be a bank (see the ceiling!)

 9. You never know what you will see when you peek in a window (this shot from a trip I took earlier this year):

10. Momofuku.. need I say more:


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  1. GREAT walk through my favorite city Monica!!!

  2. Lovely photologue! Its not for nothing that NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has something to offer to everybody.

  3. I have never been to New York, but am glad that you provide a little glimpse of its character through your post. Your love of it shines right through the photos and words!

  4. I Love New York, too. One of my fondest New York memories is walking with you and Charmain through the food market. Great food. Even better company.

  5. Some of your reasons to love NYC are places I walk by every day, but your photos are GORGEOUS. It looks incredible through your lens.

  6. Very fun! Love the picture of the naked pregnant men – or whatever that was.

  7. wow surprised to see rambuttan in your second photo. You really do have access to a lot of exotic food in NY. I wonder how much it cost?

  8. what great photographs, i hope someday i will be able to view all these wonderful looking places. thank you for sharing

  9. Great photos and a beautiful reminder of my recent summer vacation in NYC, when I fell in love with the town for similar reasons.

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