Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.34.42 AMThis past week I had the honor of being featured on the amazing WRITER UNBOXED website. I talked about what it feels like when you think you have to give up a dream.. I would love to hear your thoughts on the post.


Here is an excerpt:

Last week, I made a rather harsh decision. I decided to quit writing. Forever.

To know how hard this decision was for me, consider this: all I have wanted to do is write stories. But sharing stories, in my culture, is the equivalent of being perpetually unemployable. My parents were totally against my decision to become a writer.  So instead I earned myself an engineering degree with two masters in technology. And found myself employed with a six-figure job for over a decade. But the calling to write was too strong and in the end it won out. I became a writer, a food writer to be more specific. For ten years, I wrote books, articles for national and international magazines and newspapers, and commentaries; got nominated for some awards; and even managed to get a syndicated column. I thought I had it made.

Until last week, that is.



CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST. I hope you will share your opinions, experience and insight.


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