If you have spent any time reading my work, you may have noticed that my bio always says “engineer.” If you did not know that, well, now you do! I am a recovering engineer and I got my M.Sc degree from the very prestigious George Washington University…. 23 years ago this week.

I worked in my field of study for a decade and then chose to move to a new industry – writing. I had always wanted to be a writer… although I did not have the courage to follow that path initially. When a close friend died, it shook my world and I decided to quit my job to pursue writing. I never imagined where this new pursuit would take me. I guess I did not need to see a goal or a vision. I was and am so happy writing (on most days!) that the end goal doesn’t seem that important anymore. I will not lie and tell you that every day is glorious. There are days I want to throw the computer out the window. But then, there are days like today — after 23 years, my alma mater (a school I respect so much) ran a six page story on my work. My NEW work. The work so many said would lead nowhere.

I only share this to tell you this: Do it your way. Do it with love, with passion, with dedication. Do it like it matters and your work will be rewarded.

If you are still reading – thank  you! Here is the story! I hope you will enjoy it!



If you would like to read the entire summer issue, click here.

My debut novel, book seven, releases on Sept 15th 2016. We have a ton of events planned around the city so do stay tuned! I am also available to speak at bookclubs etc. (Bookclub folks – I have created a free cookbook for you so you can make butter chicken when your club meets to discuss the book!!)
Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken


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