I am so honored to be a panelist:

The Symposium for Professional Food Writers, supported by a generous grant from the W.K.Kellogg Foundation, is hosting a two-part webinar series on Wednesday, September 28.

Session One, BUILDING A BIGGER TABLE, will be moderated by Toni Tipton-Martin with panelists David Leite, Elissa Altman, and Michael Twitty

Panelists will discuss how diverse voices may be brought to the food writing table, and how each has made her or his own mark on food writing. They will discuss the importance of networking and of leveraging opportunities, as well as how to reach a wide audience amidst a sea of culinary stars, whether writing about the food of one’s own roots or about local and sustainable food. This session aims to generate answers to the pressing question: How can the community of food writers and editors work together to nurture diversity and to create a welcoming, open space for all food storytellers in all forms and formats?

Session Two, MAKING FOOD WORK FOR YOU, will be moderated by SPFW Board Chair Andrew Schloss, in conversation with Dianne Jacob, Monica Bhide, and Sandra Gutierrez.

Writing about food may be fun and gratifying, but without proper planning and strategizing, it often is not sustainable. A living isn’t built by a cookbook alone—assuming you can get a cookbook deal. Hear from four successful writers about how they have put their food writing to work to earn a living. The panelists will talk about their workflow and how they plan for the bottom line.

Each webinar is 90 minutes long, including a Q&A period, and will be recorded for future uploading to our website. More details and registration links are available on the website at www.spfw.org/webinars. There is no charge to attend.

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