Friends — Thank you for being a part of my journey. I am grateful to you all for being my most trusted readers.

I wanted to share two pieces of good news.

First, the Smithsonian Associates blog covered my Sacred Foods Of India event and gave it rave reviews — READ HERE

Excerpt: ” Monica Bhide, the esteemed cookbook author and avid food blogger, lives her life in the same fashion as she signs off her emails: with relish. Even though she writes to me now with countless awards and achievements under her belt, her zest and commitment to her craft shines through in a way that reveals that she is passionate about her career and her fans.”


Second — This one is beyond my wildest dreams. I am featured in India Today Woman. I never ever thought that someone like me, a recovering engineer, would ever see the day — READ HERE 

Excerpt: “Giving up a sixfigure salaried job in the US to become a writer takes some guts and just a hint of craziness. And Monica Bhide has both in the right proportions.”

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