OrgeonLIVE reviews Modern Spice.

An excerpt - 

"The author includes a nice introduction to the Indian pantry, discussing various ingredients, how to use them, how to store any extras, and her preferred brands. It's nice to know what you're looking for as well as what to do with the ingredient when you get it home.

The range of recipes in this book is great. In fact, it's hard to choose what to make. I made the Coriander- and Fennel-Crusted Lamb Chops; Eggplant and Tomatoes With Cilantro; and Pinwheels of Pleasure. But my favorite was the Mint-Cilantro Chutney. It takes more time for me to get a coffee at Starbucks than it takes to put this together and it tastes like a dream. I wanted to put it on everything I could get my hands on. " 

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