Telltales by Monica Bhide

TELLTALES – a book of poems
(Bodes Well Publishing, 2017)

Internationally renowned writer, speaker, and poet Monica Bhide presents a beautifully complex and varied interpretation of seemingly commonplace objects and signs that reflect a universal truth. Stories revealed by the wrinkles on bed sheets and clothes… The paradox of a single drop of rain… The secrets and truths that shine through the cracks we try to hide behind…

With Telltales, Monica explores the themes of love, loss, sacrifice, faith, healing, and the exquisitely simple experiences that connect us to one another and a deeper understanding of life. From the red rain of Kerala to a bowl of broth that holds the memories of childhood, the mundane is transformed into the sublime in this collection of poems that will resonate and linger.

A reminder
that, maybe, just maybe
a miracle is
merely a touch away


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Meet Monica

Monica Bhide

Hi, I’m Monica! I am a storyteller and I love to write tales about food, love, life and culture. I hope you will find something in my stories to inspire you.

One of Mashable’s top 10 food writers on Twitter.

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