MOTHER – a short story
(Bodes Well Publishing, January 2018)

After his beloved mother’s death, Eddie takes to the streets of Singapore, loathe to return to the home that only reminds him of her. On the streets, where no one knows him, he can be anonymous, but it comes at a price. Unwanted and alone, he spends his days scrounging for food, desperate for the kindness of strangers and the small solace provided by the sound of water flowing under the Merdeka Bridge that helps him forget that fateful night on the jetty.

It had been perfect before, when it was just the two of them. Then one night his mother came home late, her clothing ripped and covered in dirt, and everything changed. She changed. That’s when the voices appeared, talking to Eddie, getting louder and more demanding every day. He tried to help her. But now he’s haunted by the secrets that only he knows.

(This story originally appeared in Singapore Noir)


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