If on the sweet side, I am know for my obsession with Nutella, the on the savory side you can add me as a Salvadorian cream addict. I recently discovered it and it is just an amazing condiment – prepared with heavy cream, sour cream, cream cheese and a touch of salt (i know, what is there not to like), this condiment adds such a touch of richness and smooth flavor to the recipe it is added to. It is silken in texture, almost like a super creamy but more runny mayo. Ah and the taste – a gentle touch of salty with undertones of cheese. Like I said, what is there not to love!

Here are some ways I have been using it.. .. None of them traditional, I am sure! But I hope folks out there who do use this will comment here with more ways to incorporate this luscious condiment into recipes. 

One note – a little goes a long way both in flavor and calories so use it as a finishing condiment as opposed to a sauce - 


1. Stir into black bean stew. 

2. Add a dollop into butternut squash stew

3. Drizzle over grilled chicken

4. Add a dollop to any quesadilla 

5. Lather it on toasted bread

6. Add some paprika and use as a spread for French bread 

7. Use in BLT in place of mayo. 

8. Use in cucumber sandwiches.. my fav way. 

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  1. thanks so much for yet another great post… always educative… keep it up anyways

  2. I like to put it on a tostada shell and sprinkle with queso fresco. one of my favorite snacks

  3. I use it in place of mayonnaise when making deviled eggs during the holidays. They come out 10 times better..

  4. So Salvadoran cream is made with cow’s milk? We were debating. Love it!

  5. But, how do you make it????

    1. Ive purchased it at the store. I have never made this cheese at home but have used a store-bought one.

  6. I put some pure maple syrup and a scant 1/4 tsp of vanilla in a half cup portion, stirred it thoroughly and mixed it with a cup of fresh raspberries. Couldn’t stop eating it. It is delicious. I believe it will replace sour cream for me, however, I’m sure it is mad fattening!

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