If on the sweet side, I am know for my obsession with Nutella, the on the savory side you can add me as a Salvadorian cream addict. I recently discovered it and it is just an amazing condiment – prepared with heavy cream, sour cream, cream cheese and a touch of salt (i know, what is there not to like), this condiment adds such a touch of richness and smooth flavor to the recipe it is added to. It is silken in texture, almost like a super creamy but more runny mayo. Ah and the taste – a gentle touch of salty with undertones of cheese. Like I said, what is there not to love!

Here are some ways I have been using it.. .. None of them traditional, I am sure! But I hope folks out there who do use this will comment here with more ways to incorporate this luscious condiment into recipes. 

One note – a little goes a long way both in flavor and calories so use it as a finishing condiment as opposed to a sauce - 


1. Stir into black bean stew. 

2. Add a dollop into butternut squash stew

3. Drizzle over grilled chicken

4. Add a dollop to any quesadilla 

5. Lather it on toasted bread

6. Add some paprika and use as a spread for French bread 

7. Use in BLT in place of mayo. 

8. Use in cucumber sandwiches.. my fav way. 

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