As we go into a new year, many of us are focused on setting new goals, defining new paths, and thinking of new directions for our lives.

I have received so many emails from people asking me how I set my path and became a writer. It was so simple and yet it was so complicated.

I never had a dream.

I had no idea who I wanted to be. I went with the flow… and then something changed. You can read the whole story at specifically here – How i found my destiny.

Tell me.. what are you dreams?

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  1. The link to the whole story did not work for me.Can you double check, please?

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  3. “It was so simple and yet it was so complicated.”

    Wow, that really does sum it up.

    Excellent essay!

  4. Inspiring piece. Thank you for your honesty and encouraging words as I, a young mother, continually seek to mind my purpose in life. All the while I hope to teach my children the importance and excitement that comes from leading a passion driven life.
    Thank you.

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