Welcome to my new website! I hope you all like it.
To celebrate the new look, I have partnered with MySpiceSage.com to give away a collection of some of their best spices, ten to be exact! We are giving away a collection of ten spices that are perfect for the cold weather.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Korintje Grade A
  • China Tung Hing Cassia Powder
  • Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon
  • Cloves Ground
  • Ginger Ground
  • Allspice Berries
  • Allspice Ground
  • Nutmeg Whole
  • Nutmeg Ground

To enter: Leave a comment here on why you would like to win AND please help spread the word by posting on FB or Twitter by using the social networking buttons below. I would really appreciate that.

A random winner will be picked on January 17th 2011 at 4:00 PM EST. US residents only please.

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  1. The aroma from your spice list just warms the senses. A cold winter’s will love the aromas.

  2. I feel warm and toasty just reading their names!
    Love the new look, too.

  3. I have to admit that I have never used most of these spices — which is exactly why I would like to try them!

  4. Hi Monica!
    Love the new site.
    Mmmmm, those spices sound scrumptious, and I know I can browse through your recipes to figure out exactly what to do with them!

  5. WOW! I can’t believe that I have a full brand new masala dabba and many of these spices are missing.

  6. Me want! Me want! And the site looks great, too–very engaging!

  7. !!

    Wow. I need new spices, and they aren’t cheap! This would be a great thing to win. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  8. I love trying new recipes & I am sure I could find some to use these spices in! Thanks!

  9. I found out about your site through Nourish Network on FB! I love your site and will come back often. I love experimenting with spices and would love to try the spices in the giveaway. Good luck with your website!

  10. I am very curious to taste the different types of cinnamon. I think I’ve been eating generic cassia all my life.

  11. Just looking at that list makes me think of all the things I want to make this winter (or all year really!). What a great selection!

  12. I always love adding new spices to my collection and finding new ways to use them! Plus I just love their wonderful colors and aromas.

  13. I would love to win this giveaway! I’m sure I could put them ALL to good use. 😉 Thank you!

  14. Beautiful site, Monica! Would love to add a little spice to my life.

  15. Ohhh… those sound wonderful! What a treat it would be to receive those spices. Love your web site. Always love your writing!

  16. I love My Spice Sage’s spices; I order from them regularly and am always delighted with what they have to offer. And I always wish I could buy more than I do in any given order.

  17. Those warm spices — cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger — are my favorites, and I’d love to have these in my kitchen to inspire me to learn more exotic ways to use them all!

  18. Winning these spices would be the first step in refreshing my very stale cooking skills. With snow on the ground, these flavors will make for a warm dining table.

  19. Well, i made a yummy lamb curry with butternut squash and dates this weekend but it surely would have been better with some of these spices ! 🙂

  20. Nice giveaway! And great to hear about MySpiceSage.com. I would love to win the spices as I recently bough my first home — so I’m still stocking up on kitchen & cooking essentials AND I just got a cooking book for Middle Eastern & African dishes that features some of these unique spices.

  21. Monica, I would love these spices, the various cinnamons alone are amazing! And the China Tung Hing Cassia Powder has my attention!

    Bon appetit!

  22. I always like to start the new year with new spices!

  23. As I work towards my new year’s resolution of cooking more meals from scratch those spices would definitely come in handy. I find when I don’t have a certain spice on hand I usually go without…I would love to add these to my tiny spice cabinet.

  24. I love Korintje Cinnamon — I used it in rice pudding made by simmering jasmine rice in milk with vanilla bean and cardamom pods. Then add honey — delicious! I often write about My Spice Sage on my blog: http://parlezmoiblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/veggies-spice-i-squash-cauliflower.html

  25. By adding life to our food with spice, we spread joy to all who eat at our tables. Spice adds dimension, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Thank you for making great spice affordable. I, my kitchen, and all who dine there appreciate you!

  26. I love to cook for my kids but can’t afford to buy much right now. Spices would be out of the question.

  27. Ofcourse there is no doubt that me and all are loving ur new blog 🙂
    I would loveee to win for mannnyy a reason, lemme tell ya a few , ok ok , i’ll keep it short and tell u a few 🙂
    To begin with , these spices are the best collection and excellent quality , almost with the Monica Bhide stamp , which i loveeee:-)
    Secondly u have put together the most wonderful combis, all on my wishlist ,specially so the all spice berries that forever elude me 🙂
    Am jus hoppn by MyspiceSAge too and boy , do they have some wonderful goodies!!!
    Looking forward ,totally:-)
    Also wishing ya , a brite super sunshine new year!
    And a ur best year yet , for u to look forward to ur best days yet , and only to get better every passing year!

  28. I would love to win those spices, because, I just love, love, love Indian food immensely. I have had some Indian friends teach me how to cook some of the dishes, and this would be a great help….not to mention that I cannot afford to buy all these spices. This will give me the incentive that I need to continue on my Indian culture journey and push me to learn how to make more Indian dishes as well as fuse my Puerto Rican food with Indian, which I often do with many different cultures…..hope I win, I would be ecstatic since I don’t win anything!

  29. I’d love to win these spices because I desperately need to renew my appreciation of cooking and expand the spices I use.

  30. I love experimenting with recipes……..I usually follow a new recipe, as printed, the first time……….then after that I have FUN! I most often add or subtract or adjust ingredients to the limits of my imagination. Being in my kitchen, my favorite room in our home, is the best of therapies for me. I’d love to try new spices to expand my boundaries.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  31. I’m a huge lover of all spices, for their flavor and healing properties.

  32. The Vietnamese cinnamon is most interest to me. Congrats on the new site!

  33. I would put those to good use. ;0)

  34. I would love to win these spices! I love using new spices to see how they taste and change the dynamic of a dish. Viva la spices. 🙂

  35. A person can’t have too many spices!! Love trying new things!!

  36. What a wonderful offer! I would love the challenge of trying to use all of these spices!

  37. I LOVE spices – all kinds of spices. “My Spice Sage” is my new spice connection! I love to create in the kitchen and I love to learn new ethnic dishes. I have recently been adding to my skills is Indian food. I love all of the layers of flavors of Indian cuisine and they way they marry together is beautiful. What would cooking be without spices? BLAND! I would love to win the spices!!!

  38. there is nothing in the world that can beat a *spice*. I love all of them and would be ecstatic if I win this 🙂


  39. I have always wanted to broaden my cooking. (I seem to make the same things over to often)… Winning these spices would set me on a new course… Thanks for the generous offer one of us will win.. God bless…

  40. Wow! These spices will open up a whole new world of recipes!

  41. How can I cook without these spices?

  42. Hi Monica, I will post this on my FB. No need to enter me in the drawing!

  43. I’ve been reading your spice blogs and tried them with the baking and other uses. I love to win this and try the ones I do not have.

  44. I would like to receive those spices to help me to continue to prepare a variety of delicious dishes for my lovely wife of almost 25 years and my 15 year old twin boys, who enjoy the dinners/lunches I create for them.

  45. Can’t believe I’ve been preparing what I thought was tasty food all these years. But now the world of spice is opening up to me through teachers like you. Thank you!

  46. HI!

    Id love to win these spices because i am a chef and love to create with different spices. I like to try unusual uses for typical and not so typical items. and if i like them i would definitely use them in my restaurant

  47. aspiring culinary student wanting to become a chef and would be able to create some new found dishes if i were to win these spices and enhance my skills even more

  48. These aromatic spices will go a long way in lighting up a dark, dull winter.

  49. The smell of those spices cooking is absolutely heavenly.

  50. I’ve never dealt with the regional-specific cinnamon myself but I am very interested. As a professional student who loves traveling but has neither has the time nor the money to do this, the smell of these spices will bring me back to my travels. I still remember the wonder smell of vietnamese cinnamon in pho for breakfast; that may be my first choice.

  51. I love to cook (some would say I’m not so bad at it, lol). I don’t buy junk spices. I use quality items like MySpiceSage sells and the difference truly matters compared to grocery store spices. So if I have a chance to win top of the line spices from MySpiceSage, then count me in as an entry.

  52. That sounds like quite the spice set. As someone who cooks nearly daily, but hasn’t used nearly half the spices you’ve listed, I’d love to win and give them a try.

  53. These will be perfect for all of the Indian cuisine that I have been experimenting with lately, not to mention these are the best spices for the winter season. Nice collection, Monica! You warm my heart and my belly.

    Wishing you well in your new endeavor,

    ~ Shannon

  54. Life without spice….can’t imagine not having spice in the cabinet, just in reach of my desire.

  55. I love cooking and I love using spices. As I can I am working towards building up my array of spices from MySpiceSage. Since I came across this wonderful website, I have told everyone I know about it. I would love to win these wonderful spices above to add to my growing selection.

  56. Please enter me! I am running low and many of these in my pantry! Spreading the spice love!

  57. To make good food you need good ingredients. Quality herbs and spices are the lifeblood of ingredients. With the price and quality that myspicesage.com provides, I am able to produce more good food. By my estimate their variety and quality are unmatched. Thanks myspicesage.com and affiliates.

  58. Please consider me for these great spices… Starting to teach my daughter how much fun cooking and experimenting with new flavors can take the ordinary and make it amazing!

  59. I love cooking and discovering new flavors. I would love to add these spices to my collection.

  60. I love adding spices to my favorite dishes to bring out the flavor or create an all new experience. Thank you!

  61. This is simply a quest for free spices. I have purchased a large quantity from *myspicesage*; so I would like some freebies. I also like introductions to new cooks of a *spicy* nature. Fingers crossed!!!XXXX

  62. Please pick me. I love cooking and would love to familiarize myself with these exotic spices….

  63. I love cinnamon and nutmegs! I’ve never tried the regional cinnamons – but they sound wonderful. They would be really good on oatmeal or in cookies and pies.

  64. This looks like a gorgeous collection of spices. I’d love to branch out from what I have in my kitchen!

  65. I have just started growing herb indoors. The first time I tried the fresh basil, it blew me away. I was amazed at the difference between fresh and bottled. My herbs and spice collection has been growing everyday. I have found MySpiceSage to be the most rewarding place to seek out spices. I love to just visit the site and look for new things to try. I love the spices of other countries. They are very intriging to say the less. I would love the 10 spice collection.

  66. I would like to win these spices b/c they jazz up different foods and drinks. Also, b/c I can not find them in the area that I live in.

  67. I have a few conditions That have left me mostly house bound. My wonderful brother has been taking such good care of me. I try to thank him with good food. He loves the winter flavors in soups and stews. His favorite is beans and rice.

  68. Winter is here and so are the winter Blahs. What to do? Cheer up those dreary days with Winter Spices of course!
    Add a little cinnamon to your breakfast in so many delicious ways, French toast, or sprinkled on cereal for example, gives you the healthy zing to get you going in the mornings. Use the intoxicating scents of nutmeg and allspice and cloves for a lovely spice cake, with a glass of mulled wine. There are so many possibilities with these spices that you are never without a reason to make yourself something delicious. Have friends over to taste your spicy treats. Spice makes winter nice!

  69. This Winter Spice collection sounds amazing and sexy! I can almost smell them just by reading their names. I’m a busy working mom but in my spare time my favorite hobby is cooking. In the last year I have been really getting to know new spices and especially love making assorted curry dishes. I love to see the surprise on my husband and kid’s faces when they taste something new and exotic. When they see me grab my mortar and pestle, they get excited and I would love to add these Sexy Spices to my collection!

  70. What’s life without spice!

  71. Except for curry I have only used store spices and I would love to test taste the difference. Who knew there were so many different types of cinnamon, and I use cinnamon everyday! Winning these spices would be an inspiration to take off on an adventure of discovering recipes to use them. It would also prompt me to expand my experimenting with my here to fore limited experience with cooking and eating really good Indian Food, which I do love!

  72. I love to experiment with new spices/recipes and I haven’t tried using the first 4 spices yet!

  73. I love cooking with various spices – I love adding a surprising spice to traditional recipe to intruigue your senses. My favorite is adding cardamom to desserts, such as pear cobblers. Yum! I have never used some of the spices above, and I would love to cook with them, and to create unique recipes to share with the world 🙂

  74. I always have a couple types of cinnamon in the spice drawer. I love opening up the cassia buds and inhaling deeply. Ceylon cinnamon and Mexican vanilla are lovely in buttermilk pancakes served with heated peach preserves combined with butter. Allspice should only be sold whole and everyone should grind them in a mortar. And nutmeg grated on a micro plane is another spice enthusiast must. I’ll be happy to win to refresh my supply! Beautiful website, btw 😉

  75. Spices are the soul of indian cuisine and I love it when their aroma fills up my kitchen during my everyday cooking 🙂

  76. I just did a clean up of my spice racks. Spices are a wonderful way to spice up & change old favorite recipes into something creative and new! Love the look of the website.

  77. There are so many recipes that I would love to try, but my grocery store in this little town doesn’t stock quite a few things or they’re so expensive that I chicken out from buying them. I always hear that the excellence of a meal depends on the quality of ingredients, so I would hopefully have courage to experiment!

  78. I would love to win the spices. We were transferred and our house hasn’t sold. We are in a camper with a tiny, tiny area to cook and tiny little fridge to store things in. I just don’t have room to make the meals I normally make. I am using spices to kick up the simple dishes that I have to make. I want the best spices to bring out the best flavor I can.

  79. I love cinnamon, clove, and allspice! Believe it or not I use them to sautée my vegetables and they end up smelling and tasting wonderful. I didn’t always use them this way though, one day I poured in allspice accidentally thinking it was cumin. And I decided to try it anyway!

    I’m pretty much a health freak of the alternative, organic kind, so I know how good these spices are for us! Cassia cinnamon can help prevent diabetes, and ease everyone’s stomachs. I am also excited to discover how to use the berries.

  80. i love to cook and this would be a wonderful set to add to my spice collection!

  81. The winner is: Shannon Russell!!! Please email me your address so that we can get this package out to you! Many thanks to everyone who participated!!!!

  82. Since I never heard back from the first winner, I am announcing a new one: SIri. Siri, please email me your address to get the spice collection. If I don’t hear from you in a week, I will pick another winner.

  83. Yay! Thanks Monica 🙂


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