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Cover of Asian Fortune magazine, Nov 2014

News of my debut The Devil in Us - Stories of love, life and redemption is featured as cover of this month's Asian Fortune magazine (Nov, 2014)! I hope you will read the fun

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On Giving Up (Writer UnBoxed)

    This past week I had the honor of being featured on the amazing WRITER UNBOXED website. I talked about what it feels like when you think you have to give up a dream.. I would love to hear your thoughts on the post.   Here is an excerpt: Last week, I made a […]

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Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good

BUY NOW -- BURNT TOAST MAKES YOU SING GOOD  I was one of the beta readers of Kathleen Flinn's newest book - Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good, and I have to tell you that

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Powered By Hope



Last year I ran a successful year-long program called Powered by Hope. The intent of the program is to help you follow your creative dreams by powering your spirit with hope! … [Read More...]

Nourishing Recipes


Crispy Potato Salad

I have had a lifelong affair with potatoes. Even as I trudge through diets, trends, new weight-loss schemes, the one ingredient that always stays on my plate is potatoes. It

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Giveaway: Box of Culinary Books!

I am so delighted to giveaway a box of books for this final giveaway before summer!  Included are -- 1. I really enjoy reading Robyn Webb’s work: She is smart and funny and I

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