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Soccer and Life Lessons

(This story first ran in 2010) I can't swim, I can't ride a bike and I can't play any sport to save my life. I’m not afraid of the water, or of falling, or of engaging in

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Freak Show Without a Tent by Nevin Martell

Please join in me congratulating my friend and fellow writer, Nevin Martell, on the release of his terrific new book: Freak Show Without a Tent.  I really adore Nevin's

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Nourishing Recipes


Saffron and yogurt chicken

For a beautiful presentation, use extra-long skewers and stand them in a slim-necked vase. Sala Kannan thanks for a great shot! Makes 6 servings, 2 or 3 skewers

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Giveaway: How the CookShelf App came to be

******** the first ever cookbook-rating app - CookShelf: iPhone/iPad/Android app: $0.99, available now on iTunes!   ******** ******  CookShelf: iPhone/iPad/Android app:

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