There are many people who I know who teach food writing but, honestly, no one does it like Dianne Jacob. Her lovely book “Will Write for Food” has been on my nightstand for as long as I can remember. It has been an excellent companion for me as I try to navigate the world of food writing.

I was very thrilled to hear that she had come out with an updated version of this already excellent book. It is filled great information on food blogging, writing cookbooks and I am really impressed with the section on writing recipes. It has in-depth information on writing memoirs. Really an amazing book.  If you write about food, then your home library should DEFINITELY  have a copy of this book.

In addition, I recommend that you follow Dianne on Twitter – @diannej. She is always on the money when it comes to writing about the goings on in the world of food writing and publishing.

On a scale of 1-10, this book is an 11.

I am giving away a copy. Leave a comment here as to how you think this book can help you. Winner will be chosen on Jan 1, 2011. And as a bonus for the winner, I am going to give you a free seat in my online  food writing class (One basic class valued at $200). So come on, talk to me!

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  1. Monica, you wouldn’t believe,this was the book on my list to Santa but Santa gave me something else 🙂 I won’t give up,I am putting it in the list once again for Santa! 🙂 I have read on many blogs about this book and I really liked all what people had to say about it.

    I do dream of my cookbook one day, so if I win this copy and a ticket to your class,then I will start working towards my dream atleast this NY 🙂

  2. I’m a food writer stuck below an invisible ceiling. Seems I can go only so far and no further.

    For me, the book would be not only a much-needed guide, but also a companion. Either alone would be valuable. Together, they cross over to “priceless”.

    As to attending one of your writing classes . . . That might be a career-maker, and it would certainly be a challenge and a joy.

    Can’t think of a better start to any year!

  3. This book has been on my wish list ever since attending your fabulous food-writing class at the Smithsonian! I’d love both the book and the online seat as I feel both would help me move from a general “I’d love to freelance about food one day” mentality to something specific and focused.

  4. Have admired this book on shelf at library/store – would like to see it on my shelf – forever forward

  5. I think Dianne’s book would be super helpful to me – I love her blog (which I follow religiously), and I love how well she articulates things. I have been meaning to purchase this book for a while but haven’t had the opportunity yet! I also would be super ecstatic to win a seat in your online class, there is so much that I need to know!

  6. Hello!

    I want to start a blog & this would be the perfect book for me to master prior to doing that! 🙂

  7. What a great opportunity! Both for the book and a seat in your class. Here’s to hoping.


  8. I am planning to make some changes to my blog in the new year so I think this book will help me enormously. I can cook, style and photograph, but my writing needs help!

  9. Both you and Dianne are such an inspiration! I’m still establishing myself as a food writer, but it is slowly coming together. Slowly. I started as a hobby blogger but realized I loved doing it more than anything else, so I’m making a new career out of it. It isn’t too bad, but I can always use more advice, direction, and feedback.

  10. Love food. Love writing. Working on a family cookbook/memoir for my mom’s Christmas present next year. (Just a personal book–not really to sell) Would so love to win the book and a seat in your class!

  11. Hi, Monica. I’m not going to pretend I’m a hard-core foodie or a food writer. However, I am a full-time freelancer who’s dabbled in the food-writing world via articles for parents and kids on recipes and new dishes.

    In addition, I’d love to partake in your class and get a good handle on food writing and blogging from a master chef/writer/blogger/eater. Cheers!

  12. The book would be a bonus to the opportunity to join one of your classes. I admire your talent and success as a food writer, and I’m sure I would gain much from the lessons you’ve learned along they way.

  13. Hi, Monica. I have read about this book and have wanted to see for myself for some time now.

    Dianne is well-regarded, I gather. I think her book will offer me insight into specifics of food writing, which is different from the kind of writing I have done professionally (in not-for-profit jobs I have had or in consulting). I’m still learning – aren’t we all???

    I’d love your online course, too, as I’ve heard about it from my friend and neighbour, Lynn, who has studied with you.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.


  14. Hi,
    what a great gift this will make for me (to give me a push to do a bit more writing other than just a recipe recap). And then I’ll pass on the favor and send the book to my twin sister who has her own blog and cool style of writing. So technically you’ll be helping out two people at once 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

  15. I actually received this wonderful book as a Christmas gift and can hardly wait to read it thoroughly. It looks excellent and contains so much information. But I would love a free seat in Monica’s food writing class! 🙂

  16. Diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, I gave up serious writing a long time ago. My whole life I have avoided writing whenever possible. Years later, I realize that I am not a poor writer, just un polished. I started writing reviews and on line comments over the last couple of years and now want to serious develop my skills. They say to write what you are passionate about, certainly cooking, dining, and related topics are at the top of my list. They also say to write whenever possible and thus my 2011 resolution is to write everyday!

  17. Oh my goodness! For all the freelancing writing I’ve done, I’m HORRIBLE in writing about food. It would be lovely!

  18. What perfect timing. Besides writing my blog foodandfondmemories.blogspot.com and teaching private cooking classes, I am working on two cookbooks. The first is a book of funny anecdotes from catering high end parties for 17 years as chef/owner of Affairs to Remember Catering in West Palm Beach Florida along with the recipes that I created and used at hundreds of events. The second is a family history and my memoirs with recipes that have been passed down for generations. I could certainly use guidance and inspiration to continue my daunting task.

  19. I’ve enjoyed reading Dianne’s blog posts; she’s really good at pinpointing the differences between good and mediocre writing. I’ve not read her book yet, but know that it will be an invaluable resource for writing well about food.

  20. My New Years resolution is to actually write on my blog, instead of just think about it! I have a background in creative non-fiction writing but would love some in depth help with my food writing, especially recipes. The book and class would really launch my new year. Thanks!

  21. I’ve been blogging for about a year now, but i’m learning something everyday, be it writing, cooking, photography, how to use the internet, pretty much everything! If I don’t win the book, i’m just going to buy it!

  22. I am a foodie and have been for most of my 47 yrs of life. I am a freelance writer, however I am unemployed and hoping to find work very soon…I am in an abusive relationship and need to find a source of income to get out of this toxic relationship. Having this book can help me get on that road of independence…I personally have learned how to cook by none other than all the great chefs of the world….Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, etc. all from watching them on PBS stations many moons ago….I love to write about what I eat and pass that joy on to others. This is why I would love a copy of this book. It will hopefully get me to a career that I love.

  23. I keep laughing and smiling like crazy because I have this book next to my bed, but I have the older cover so until i read the author’s name I realized it was the same, I don’t need that copy you have, instead I should read my own and this is the call, reading your post is a wake up call!

    I could do well winning a seat in your class I promise giving you credit if I get to publish haha! (a girl can only dream).


  24. Hi Monica! I’ve been participating in a family food blog for ages, but just decided to go a few steps further. I love the looks of this book and will be putting this on my “buy” list. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Would love to take your class, too!

  25. I read your post on Freelance Success and tracked back the link to your website. I’m
    an established freelance writer based in San
    Diego. Covering the intersection of environmental issues and technology for regional magazines in Southern California and beyond.

    Lately, I’ve been framing photo essays around the subject of healthy eating and food politics.
    Developing food styling skills as I shoot and write recipe articles for MNN.com.

    With that has come new opportunities such as a recent invitation to visit Tunisia to witness the annual olive oil harvest in a traditional Berber village. And a standing offer to stay
    on an organic farm in rural France, under the tutelage of a master baker.

    The problem is, I don’t have the clips that would lend themselves to Wine Spectator or
    Afar magazine. For the most part, mine are investigative or deeply wonky. I’m looking to
    expand my repertoire. So tips on cracking glossy foodie magazines and the book, “Will Write for Food” would be extremely helpful.

    Happy New Year and thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Writing about food takes a special skill just as writing travel does. And what is travel without food – no fun. I am hoping to develop the skill of making food come alive on the page and can’t think of a better way to do it than with this book and your class, Monica. Thank you for offering these wonderful prizes.

  27. I’ve had a copy of Will Write For Food for several years now,and I’ve even done the first exercise.Repeatedly.(I believe my voice is saucy.) But reading about writing isn’t writing. I teach hearth cooking, working from old cookbooks and I think blogging is the way the advance my teaching, and blogging is the chapter that’s missing in the old edition….and having made the momentous descision of medium, I’m at a complete loss as to how to begin. My New Year’s resolution was to find a door, and I opened my e-mail and here was your offer. Knock. Knock.

  28. I always think about writing more about what I’m cooking and eating but it seems daunting. It’d certainly help to have a guide. Thanks!

  29. The winner is … drum roll …. Kathleen Wall. Please email me your addy and I will also add you to my class roster.

  30. Hello, Opportunity, Welcome! My great aunt told me that when opportunity knocks, don’t answer the door in your housecoat and your hair rollers….glad I dressed well today, even down to the rossa mondandi. Thank you!

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