My partnership with FRESHFARM markets continues today, with this final post, and a trip to the Foggy Bottom Market.  The market is open for just another week before closing down for winter so be sure to visit them on Nov 27th.



I went to school at George Washington University and lived right at Foggy Bottom so I really have a soft spot for the Foggy Bottom area. The tiny little market is just right for the area – tucked behind the metro escalator, it is a great place to stop and pick up what you need before heading home. They sell everything from fresh bread to cooked foods to desserts from my favorite Baklava Couture!

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My intent was to buy Brussels Sprouts and show you how to make this lovely dish for a Thanksgiving side. Ah, but the market had other plans for me. While I found what I was looking for, what really caught my attention were these tiny baby cauliflower. I spoke with Patrick, who was manning the booth for Blueberry Hill farm stall, about how he liked to cook them. His favorite — roast them with rosemary! IMG_2481 IMG_2519


I decided to something different with them.


Monica’s Individually Spiced Whole Roasted Baby Cauliflower

Heat the oven to 450 degrees.



Instead of roasting them with a single marinade, I prepared three different ones. Each marinade had a base of olive oil, a touch of salt, some lemon juice and then one of these three prepared mixes – Ethiopain Dukkah mix, Moroccan Ras El Hanout and Indian Madras Curry.

Prepare the cauliflower by removing all the green parts and cut the base to remove any thick stem.

Place the cauliflower on an oven safe tray.

I used three baby cauliflower and doused each one with a different marinade. You can use your choice of spices here.


Roast for about 45 minutes.

Serve hot. These little gems can be one a person or half a person for a great side.




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  1. Great idea, Monica. Wish we could find baby cauliflower out here. Like your new page….have a great weekend…..

  2. Tried your recipe with a regular cauliflower – turned out great – thanks!


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