I realize that I have been way behind in updating this section so here goes!!

  1. A lovely mention in India Today: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/flavors-first-by-vikas-khanna-atul-sikand-ferran-adria/1/189427.html
  2. Thanks to India Abroad for this sweet note and to Shashi Belamkonda for sending it to me:
  3. The kind folks at In The Capital picked me as one of the top 10 DC Food Twitter accounts to follow: http://inthecapital.com/2012/05/17/10-of-the-best-dc-foodie-twitter-accounts-to-follow-and-why/

I was lucky enough to be an invited speaker to Eat Write Retreat this year and my topic was about finding your really vision for your blog. I think I caused some pain.. This is not an easy exercise to do but the group was enthusiastic and supportive and I think they benefited from the session. Here is one attendees reaction: One Simple Thing That Is Changing my Life. If you are reading this and you went to EWR and attended my session, I hope you will post your impressions here.

Some photos by the superbly talented Daphne Domingo.. MANY THANKS:

And Betty Ann Quirino was kind enough to send these photos and a short excerpt for your listening pleasure:

Video Excerpt: DONT YOU DARE LAUGH  – IMG_0132

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  1. Very nice video excerpt! I like this part where you are quite emphatic about being “specific” with our writing goals. As always, I re-learned something again, no matter show brief the video. You looked great in it, Monica!

  2. Beautiful!!!
    You inspire me and sooo many other…

  3. I’m so happy that I had the honor to meet you in person. Your website is fabulous but it could never do justice to you as a person. Thanks so much for linking to my post, Monica!!

    1. I loved your post. I hope others who went to EWR12 will add their posts here as well 🙂

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