I have been procastinating and have delayed posting on the blog and for that I do apologize! It has been a busy, crazy, rollercoaster summer.

Now, onto something fun. Here are three fantastic Indian dishes that are a must try –

1. Aditi Bistro opened it’s doors several months ago and I have eaten several good meals there. The decor is minimalist but modern and welcoming. Free wifi allows me to sit and work as I continue to eat more and more! I really enjoy their chicken korma (served with rice, naan and a small salad) and my hubby adores the chicken tikka masala sandwich. Worth a trip for sure!

2. Indique Heights – Indique Heights recently added a weekday and a Sunday Champagne buffet to their menu – I really did not need any additional reason to go back there but the buffet did lure me in. There is a good selection of dishes from the main menu but what I loved is the "dosa making station" at the top of the buffet line. I could eat those all day long. And of course, they make a mean Meen curry (fish curry). Worth a trip, yep!

3. Rasika – This is an all-time favorite place for me and recently several (and I do mean several) friends who have dined their called to tell me what a great experience they had and how much they enjoyed the Palak Chaat. Yum. That has got to be one of my all time favorite dishes – deep fried spinach with a tangy dressing.. what’s there not to like. I need to get over there again. Memories….

And since you are used to me doing this by now (that is not sticking to three things in the three category), I wont dissappoint you. I have to add that I have really enjoyed the tandoori chicken at Gourmet Halal & Meat Market in Chantilly. My family practically inhales their delicious tandoori chicken and warm, wonderful naans. ( 13898 Metrotech Dr, Chantilly, VA 20151, (703) 815-7285)


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  1. Thanks for the review’s, much needed. I visit DC often.

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