1.       A few years ago when we moved to Virginia, I was quite ill and needed some help. I started having my groceries delivered since I could not get to the store. The service was helpful – I was able to logon and simply order the basics each week. I think I paid about 6 bucks or so back then for delivery and I did not think that was too high for all the convenience. Anyway, the reason I am posting about it here is not simply because it was convenient. I began to use the service to order groceries for my recipe development projects (specially when I was testing recipes for magazines, companies and cookbooks) and it made my life so much easier. I create a list, order things online and then their receipts – detailing ingredients by quantity and price, make it so much easier to file expenses. I found that I was also being very conservative in what I ordered keeping the costs down. Also, makes re-testing much easier as the lists stay on in the system. I have been using it for so long now that I get a ton of coupons in the mail offering $2 off the delivery or free items. A service I love – www.peapod.com 

2.       Mojito Kit by 10 Cane Rum –A friend gave me one of these as a hostess gift and I just loved it. It comes with a  750 ml bottle of 10 CANE and Stirrings Mojito Mix. The directions on the back of the package – stir clockwise, remove shoes and serve – hmmm.. I can do that J I don’t think one is required to use fresh mint and lime for when using this kit (you can use the mix provided and save yourself the hassle), but I wanted to… I have this thing about fresh mint.. yummm.. I tried it, my version of it anyway with mint and lime, made a good drink ( My friends loved the sweetness, I used some extra lime). Incidentally, 10 Cane is some really good rum. After the mojito  experiment, I went back and made an old college favorite – rum and coke and it was delicious.

3.       Green Gifts I have been searching for birthday gifts for friends who are very green (the good green, not the bad one) and found a fun website – HealthGifts . They create themed and customized gift baskets using eco-friendly/high quality ingredients. Everything is designed to nurture the person as well as the planet. They  use earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging materials for all orders and of course, the baskets themselves are as well!  : www. healthgifts.com. Some good stuff – their fruit butters (apple, cherry and pumkpin) looked really good to me.  Let me know what you think, if you try the service.

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  1. Monica,
    Healthgifts is AWESOME!! I have used them many times… I’ve sent a Thank You basket-(customized), 2 Get Well baskets, & a customized Baby basket! All with rave reviews! HG is such a great invention! I am a very happy customer!


  2. Thanks, Monica! I have though numerous times about the groceries. Thanks for your input!

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