Read all about why my crazy obsession with food may send my kids into therapy 😉 And then enjoy the recipes for a spiced up lasagna, meatloaf, sweet potatoes and a fantastic mango almond salad.

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  1. thanks, your article is very informative.

  2. where and when do you teach your classes? You referenced that you had students on the radio show today.

  3. Hi – just listened to you on WAMU and quite enjoyed your practical approach to cooking. I learned to prepare Indian food in Kenya, so much of it is close, but not quite the same as what I can cook out of books.

    I am glad to have found your blog & just want to let you know that the subscription link is not working correctly. I’ll check back in a day or 2. Stay spicy! Lisa

  4. What a lovely discovery!! I heard you on WAMU today and live not too far from you in the county. You have inspired me to buy your book and try some Indian cooking. Thank you for taking the change in careers that you did. You have enriched us all..:)

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