and I are teaming up again to bring you a collection of delicious peppercorns. Enter now to win a collection of different types of peppercorns.

Peppercorns come in many colors. I had recently done a story on white peppercorns in which Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, author of “Quick and Easy Korean Cooking ” (Chronicle Books, 2009) explained that white peppercorns do start life on the same plant as the black, red, and green ones (the pink ones come from a different plant entirely), but they’re allowed to ripen longer on the vine. Green ones are unripened berries, freeze-dried or preserved in brine to retain their color. Black ones are allowed to grow to full size, but not to ripen, on the vine, and are picked and dried. Red ones are the fully ripened berries, processed similar to green peppercorns to retain their fun color.

I was going to post a recipe using pepper but then I realized that I use it in most everything I make! So this time, no recipe, just a lot of love for an amazing ingredient!

Here is what is offering the winner:

White Peppercorns are slightly milder and smoother than Black Peppercorns. White Peppercorns are much more popular than Black Peppercorns in Europe!

Black Peppercorns are known as the “King of Spices”. They are universally used in all types of cuisine around the world.

Green Peppercorns are harvested before they mature, resulting in a milder taste than Black Peppercorns. They can be used on anything that you would put Black Peppercorns on for a fresher, smoother taste.

Pink Peppercorns are actually dried berries from the Baies Rose plant and are not related to other types of peppercorns. They can also be used in place of Black Peppercorns for a milder, sweeter and fruity flavor.

Enter a comment here on why you want to win this collection! I will choose a winner at the end of the month. Open to US residents only. Winner chosen at random.

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  1. I love pepper! I use it in (and on) almost anything! This sounds like a great giveaway – I’d love to add these to my spices!

  2. Pepper!! I love it……… favorite spice.

  3. I use pepper on just about everything and would love to have these to work with.

  4. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only ever tried regular old black peppercorns. I’d love to experiment with others!

  5. I want to win so I can learn. I didn’t know there were so many different kinds.

  6. I love ’em! I put pepper in everything. I even like it in some sweet things.

  7. We have done taste comparisons with cheeses of different regions, butters, tapenades, apples, and other foods. What fun it will be to do a tasting of peppers.

  8. This would be a great introduction for me as I’m always afraid to try these different peppercorns.

  9. Love pepper, use it in everything.

  10. you need no other seasoning when you have fresh ground peppercorn, have always used black variety would love to try other lavors.

  11. Pepper has got to be the spice I use most often. I carry a pepper grinder in my purse…and get odd looks when I pull it out. I have, however, convinced several friends to come over to my way of thinking. Freshly ground pepper has no equal for enhancing a dish!

  12. I would love some peppercorns to try.

  13. Pepper is one of the best spices ever created. It has a deep rich flavor that helps bring out the deep flaor from a bland food. Peppercorns help make an awesome mop sauce for when I smoke meats in my smoker ! 2 thumbs up for Pepper!!

    Shawn Brooks

  14. I want to be a spice monger (is there such a thing?) and a spice monger needs pepper.

  15. I’d like to win the peppercorn collection. Sadly, all I have in my pantry are Tellicherry peppercorns.

  16. pepper can turn a bland, boring dish into a fantabulous one quickly 🙂

  17. Sounds like a great giveaway and I love adding peppers to my foods! Thanks for sharing this info!

  18. So many people talk about the different kinds of salts you can cook with, but I’d like to try something different and cook with these peppercorns.

  19. Life without Peppercorns is bland…

  20. Pepper is like butter, it’s good on everything! I’d love to win the collection.

  21. Once someone introduced me to peppercorns, I don’t use anything else. They are good for so many things. Love Them! Have a great weekend 🙂
    Also a good facebook page is MyspiceSage

  22. My family LOVES pepper! My husband can’t eat a meal without it and our 4 year old son is a fan of pepper too. He loves to try new things and I would love for him to be able to try pepper varieties 🙂

  23. I am a believer that cooking all about love and quality of the ingredients. It is about the memories you create around your family table. I would love to try these quality peppercorns in the meals that I create for my family!

  24. My interest in spices has peaked again. I’m currently reading a book called the ‘The Taste of Conquest: The Rise and Fall of the Three Great Cities of Spice’ and am trying to learn all I can about spice. I have a pretty good handle on herbs, and want to branch out into spice. I’d love to experiment with the various kinds and see what I can come up with.

  25. I applied for a job at Penzy’s and getting to know pepper more intimately sounds like a good idea.

  26. Perfect precious peppers for my personal pantry. Pontentially, pouring peppercorns, to pound would bring a popular perfume to my presence. Perhaps I could persuade you to pick me!

  27. Winner is Jane Hudson. Please email me your details asap so we can get these to you!

  28. I never heard back from Jane so I am moving to a new winner: Smedette! Please email me asap with your addy.

  29. wow stumbled upon your site. I am HOOKED I am not getting anything done, as I am reading one article after the other. I NEED to cook like you. I need them peppercones so I can start today

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