Oh, let me count the number of ways I mess up! I have used salt instead of sugar, added cayenne when I thought I was adding paprika and of course, dropped spice jars all over the floor to create monumental messes!

Have you done something crazy with spices?

Come on, share!

If you want to feel brave, read some of these.

Now come on, tell me!! I am waiting to read your comments. I will pick five comments and those lucky folks will get a code to get a free iSPICE app!! Comments will close on Sunday evening and I will pick a winner on Sunday night.

Make us laugh – tell us what you did!

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  1. When I first started cooling I didn’t know the difference in strength of dried herbs and fresh herbs so I substituted dried for fresh keeping the measurements the same! Who knew 1/4 cup of dried basil, oregano, AND parsley would be TOO much ??

    1. By the way I am @chicthoughts on twitter thx

  2. used confectioners sugar instead of rice flour to bread some eggplant and serve it to my dinner guests. !:(

  3. I bought a little jar of Thai curry paste at an international market and mistranslated the ratio of paste to coconut milk that I should use. For future reference, 1 tablespoon to 2 cans of coconut milk – not 1 jar to 2 cans of coconut milk. I ended up with 2 pounds of gorgeous shrimp that no one could eat, and we ended up at McDonald’s for supper.

  4. I was making macaroni and cheese using flour to thicken the cheese sauce. However, no matter how much flour I added, the sauce would not thicken. It was only after the meal was served that I realized that the unmarked container that I had been using was filled with confectioner’s sugar, not flour. It made for a very sweet macaroni and cheese! (And. I learned to mark my storage containers!)

    1. I did the very same thing two nights ago. While the mac and cheese came out sweet, I was surprised that it still tasted okay!

  5. Dee Plair Yesterday I was making bean soup. I’m on a low sodium diet, so I thought I’d grabbed the bottle of no-salt seasoning. After dumping a ton in, I realized the bottle was cumin, not my low salt blend. I really should have put in my contacts b4 starting to cook, LOL. I added a can of tomatoes and green chilies and my bean soup became White Bean Chili instead.

  6. First disaster was when I was making poha (Flattened Rice) for the first time. Used rock salt rather than the table salt. Didn’t realise that rock salt will not dissolve in poha, and ended up actually sorting rock salt granules from poha….
    Must say have come a long way…..

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