I love it when people take the time to read and cook from cookbooks before reviewing them! Saffron Trail's in-depth review of Modern Spice is here!

An excerpt: I must say the timing is just right. Indians trotting the globe want to bring global influences to local cuisine and vice versa. I’ll buy the asparagus and the broccoli but I don’t necessarily want to make a salad with it! Monica understands this need and presents this book – which is Indian at heart with a modern touch.In Monica’s words “Just because we have always done something in one way, it does not make it the only way to do it” – that is clearly the essence of Modern Spice."!

And photo here by Saffron Trail (used with permission) 

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  1. I am reading your post and I’m like “wait…people review cookbooks without actually reading or cooking from them?” I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. I can’t imagine giving my stamp of approval on a cookbook without cooking from it first! Anyway – congrats on another great review!

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