This is such fun! I love it when people cook from my book and send me photos!! Here is one from Suresh Hinduja. He is an amazing cook and a wonderful person. I am so happy that he liked Modern Spice. He prepared the chicken and posted about it on his fantastic site –

Here is the photo.. thanks, Suresh!!

So how about it? Fenugreek roasted chicken for Thanksgiving or Christmas instead of the regular turkey??

Chicken by Suresh

And of course, this recipe was also prepared by one of my all time favorite bloggers – and here is her take on it.

"After making this chicken, I have to say I’m a fenugreek fan. I’d never tasted anything quite like it before. This recipe produced a crispy, perfectly roasted bird, and the fenugreek added a level of herby flavor that was completely new to me. The skin had a touch of heat from the chili flake, and the meat was so tender and juicy that it almost made me weep. Seriously."

Check out the recipe and her photo here.

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  1. OH! My stomach is rumbling inside I think looking at this roasted chicken made me really hungry.

  2. That looks very delicious, mouth watering yum yummy!

  3. “Fenugreek roasted chicken for Thanksgiving or Christmas instead of the regular turkey??”
    Actually I’m planning on making it for Eid-ul-Adha, the Muslim post-Haj holiday (which falls on Black Friday this year,) instead of the usual goat.
    <<<<< I had emailed myself this recipe, and as I scanned the list with my "mature" eyesight, I thought I saw a listing for "Roast Children with Fenugreek." ;^D

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