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Chef Art Smith’s Hummingbird cake

Sometimes you just have to indulge your sweet-tooth. This cake is a big hit in our house! Simple and delicious.   Art Smith's Hummingbird Cake Created by Chef Art Smith and recipe used with permission from Chef Art Smith   This cake is one of the most requested...

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Pumpkin Spice Kalkal Cookie

At seventeen, when I was living in a semi-cloistered convent in south India, I got my first taste of Christmas. A Hindu by birth, I had spent my whole life until then in the Muslim Middle East and had yet to experience a true Christmas. As a boarder at the convent, I...

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Monica’s Indian Express: Chickpea crepes (gluten-free)

I am so pleased to share with you the next recipe in my series: Monica’s Indian Express: Simple & Sassy Weeknight Dishes. Monica's Indian Express: Chickpea crepes (gluten-free) I learned to make these from my dad. Perfect for the nights where you dont feel like...

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Cardamom Maple Mini Macaroons

Here is a great recipe and a wonderful way to introduce cardamom to your kids. Life of Spice resident nutritionist, Rebecca Katz provided this recipe and offers this wisdom, “Cardamom --  One of my favorite spices, however, a little bit goes a long way.  Otherwise...

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Chocolate Walnut tortes with vanilla

A special for Life of Spice readers for the upcoming holidays. I rarely post desserts.. what can I say.. I dont need to eat them! But I LOVE this recipe that makes just enough to satisfy a craving but not take over my life. I hope you will try it. I am sure you will...

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Bacon Lollies!

One of DC's finest (in the food writing world) is writer Nevin Martell. I enjoy his work, his sense of humor and his classy attitude. When I heard that Nevin had teamed with the very terrific Founding Farmers restaurant to write a cookbook, you can bet I was in line...

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Heat buster: Frozen Cantaloupe in Strawberry Wine

I love Dina Yuen's recipes. They are always fun, easy and simply delightful. I was recently speaking to her about featuring her on my site again (here is the first time in case you missed it) and she suggested this recipe. We have made it several times at home since...

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Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns

This sweet little book, by astrologer and celebrity chef Sabra Ricci, showed up in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago. After reading and cooking from so many serious cookbooks, I was curious to see if this fun and whimsical book would stand up to the kitchen test....

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Nuts for Nutella, NPR

Some love affairs dim with time. Some are so torrid that they last a lifetime.. and then some. My love affair with Nutella has lasted through layoffs, failed friendships, miscarriages, new jobs, babies, loving friendships and more.. along all the ups and downs,...

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