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Rosemary, Apricot, and Pistachio Crisps

BUY NOW - The Messy Baker!  Are you ready for some fun in your kitchen? Please welcome - The Messy Baker! A wonderful debut cookbook by my friend Charmian Christie. I cannot tell how much much I waited for this book! I was one of her recipe testers and her delicious...

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The Ghosts of Cakes Past

I don’t bake. Let me clarify that: I cannot bake. I did not grow up in a house where anyone baked. I grew up around spiced curries, smoked kebabs and fried milk but never around the smell of a freshly baked cake. So, usually when I am upset, I try to cook. When I have...

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Is Fruitcake for Fruitcakes?

(Isn't this photo AMAZING? By Sala Kannan for Life of Spice) I have this thing about fruitcakes. I hate them. I mean really truly hate them: the ones I am talking about are the ones that I find in Indian grocery stores that have things in them that, I swear, would...

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Recipe: David Lebovitz’s Pistachio Cardamom Cake

Let me just say that I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagination. I love to look at baking books with drooling lips and eyes wide open in wonder! The cakes call to me, to be eaten! I never dare to make them since they all look like they need so much expertise...

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