Here is a gorgeous way to welcome spring.  Here is something very unique and different from my book Modern Spice. I would love for you to try it and hear your and your  feedback!


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Soulful Granita

From Modern Spice (Simon & Schuster) by Monica Bhide (also available at



Serves 6

Prep/Cook Time: 20 minutes

plus 6 hours to freeze


Shaved ice desserts are common on the streets of India. This is a bit different, both in terms of flavors and presentation. Rooh Afza, which translates to “that which nurtures the soul,” is a popular syrup for making drinks and can be found in any Indian grocery store. If you are not serving this to children, add a touch of vodka for an extra zing.  Rooh Afza is very sweet and does not require any additional sugar. I like the contrast of the lemon in this dish.


6 tablespoons Rooh Afza

2 tablespoons lemon juice

¼ cup (50 ml) vodka (optional)

3 cups water

Fresh mint leaves for garnish



1. Combine the Rooh Afza, lemon juice, and water in a sauce- pan and mix well to completely dissolve the syrup. Bring to a gentle boil, then remove from heat immediately and allow to cool.

2. If you are adding the vodka, do so now.

3. Pour the mixture into a wide, shallow pan and put it in the freezer.

4. Once the mixture begins to form ice crystals, stir it with a fork and repeat the stirring every hour. It will take about six hours to set.

5. When ready to serve, use a fork to break up the ice crystals and spoon into attractive glasses or cups. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf.


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