In our house, we are through and through Karma Wilson groupies. We are not just fans but we are crazy about her. The royal "we" I am speaking of is myself and my two young boys. When they were a little younger, Karma sent me a copy of her "Bear Snores on"  book and we were hooked. The kids read that book about a million times (if you have young kids, you know that that I am not exaggerating!

Then, I saw on Amazon that Karma had two new books out – "Cow Loves Cookies" and "Whopper Cake."  I wrote to Karma and told her I wanted to review the books for my site. She kindly sent a copy each. Well, I opened the package and read the books. I loved them so much, I went to Amazon and ordered copies for my kids. The Cow loves cookies is fun tale of a cow who loved, what else, cookies! But my heart belongs to Whopper cake in which an old man bakes a HUGE chocolate cake to show his wife how much he loves her (recipe included!). I laughed and smiled as I read the books and then left the copies on the dining table. While I was away, the boys found the books. When I came home I was greeted to the words, "Mama, look it is Ms. Wilson's new books! They are amazing. Thank you so much for getting them for us."

So her books went to them. And the books I ordered for them, are now going to go to a LIFE OF SPICE reader. Leave a comment here about your favorite children's author and I will pick a winner on Monday November 22nd at 5:00 pm. 

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  1. It’s none other than ENID BLYTON! After reading about all the food and drinks that she mentioned in her books, she slowly carved me into the food-loving person that I am today! And not to forget, those lovely words with which she describes everything from our simple lemonade to the English Scones!

    I still read Famous Five & Secret Seven! sshhhh!

  2. We love Cynthia Rylant at our house. My boys grew up on Henry and Mudge, my little daughter loves the Annie and Snowball books, and we all love the Mr. Putter and Tabby books. They are such gentle stories with simple humor–no gimmicks, no sassy, smart-alecky kids, no product placements. I also love Jan Brett–her illustrations are so amazing.

  3. By far, Karma Wilson. I bought several of her books for my granddaughter when in pre-school and several more later. She now has most of them. Her favorite caracters are Hilda and Sweet Briar and of course BEAR. We will be donating them to her school library next school year. Incidentally, the illustrators are outstanding.

  4. I don’t know what age group these books are but I loved Enid Blyton. I grew up on the Famous five, the secret seven, Mallory towers and such. Last year I wanted to get a bunch of books for my little cousin and I was shocked to find that you can’t find them in the bookstores.

    Ha now reading your comments I see i am not the only one…

  5. So many great books & so many wonderful authors! We are also big Karma Wilson fans but my son’s first love was the Syd Hoff books. We are also love Jonathon London’s Froggy series, Ron Roy’s A-Z mysteries & now my 8yr old is a big Harry Potter fan. It’s wonderful enjoying books as a child & then again through your child’s eyes 🙂

  6. My daughter’s just started reading on her own.. She loves the bear series.. been reading it to her ever since she’s been wanting to listen to a story.. And the experience is so different when reading it with a child.

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