When I moved to the US, about twenty years ago, I was introduced to a mango lassi! I fell in love with the sweet fruit pulp mixed in with yogurt. I have to say, though, that I never drank it growing up. I am not sure how traditional Indian a mango lassi is. When I was growing up, there were two types of lassis – sweet with sugar and salty with spices and mint. I do remember drinking a lot of mango milkshakes but no mango lassis.  

Today, I wanted to share with you a recipe for a salty lassi that is a perfect antidote for this hot weather we are having. Make it, drink it and come and tell me all about it!

[RM]This is a spicier version of the North Indian Lassi, or yogurt drink. It helps with digestion and is great served after a heavy meal.


2 cups plain yogurt

1 cup water

1/2 Serrano green chili, seeded (optional)

1/4 inch-piece peeled ginger

Table salt to taste

1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds, roasted and ground

Garnish with mint or cilantro leaves


In a blender, blend the yogurt, water, chilies and ginger. Add salt to taste. Blend again. Serve garnished with the herbs and sprinkled with cumin seeds. 

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  1. Sounds interesting. Will let you know if we try it…I can’t quite compute drinking a salty/savory drink…

  2. I never knew of salty versions of lassi, so thanks, Monica, for the information. Love the addition of serrano and ginger. A lot of people think that “hot” herbs and spices are bad for your stomach, but I’ve found it to be the opposite. In small amounts, they help soothe and calm your system, and — I agree with you — a glass of this yogurt drink after a large meal keeps one from whimpering for antacids later.

  3. Isnt it amazing how these simple spices like cumin, ginger and mint weave their magic into the yogurt?

  4. I love salty lassi’s, and I agree in India, I’ve only ever heard of Sweet/Salty lassi’s. However, in Rajasthan, we have ‘aamras’ which is very reminisant of mango lassi’s here 🙂

  5. This sounds delicious and perfect for the hot weather.

  6. Wow!It must be very delicious!

  7. You are right about not having grown up with Mango lassi until moving to the US. When I used to live in India, one of the best lassi I used to have was made with regular yogurt with cream blended in. It was amazing. Nothing better than to have lassi in the hot summer months.

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