I love ber (sounds like bare). A friend emailed me last week to say - Found these Ber being sold as Indian Jujube at the Lotte Plaza Intl grocery store in Chantilly Va, priced at $2.99/lb. 

If you want to try a new fruit, these are it. Simply rinse, cut, dust with salt (and a touch of cayenne, if you dare) and eat. They are a delightful, crisp and sweet treat and I still cannot believe that they are here! There are many types. This is one. There are others that ripen to a gorgeous orangish-red. The seed isnt meant to be eaten. They can also be pickled, candied and stewed. 

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  1. Hi Monica, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment there. We enjoyed this recipe of yours with Rice. Looking forward to more such recipes from you.

    I really like the Indian Ber too…but i was so surprised by their smell the first time i had them…:)….what i enjoy the most about them is how crisp n’ crunchy they are…

  2. Oh my gosh!! I have never seen them in the past 15 years 🙂 had got some dried red ones from the Asian grocery hoping to make some dal or sweet pickle, but they were definitely not the same as back home. I would buy these even at $10 a lb if I saw them..

    Here in TX, a friend has a tree which is called Chinese dates and they look like the big ber and taste almost the same. So we satisfy our cravings with those.

  3. There is an Indian grocery near my house where I’ve found these before! They’re interesting – different! I’ll have to try them as you suggested next time I find some.

  4. Monica,

    Thanks for posting this. I hope you like them too. Now that these are available so close to us, we can not have enough of these.


  5. Monica, when I lived in the bay area they sold these in the farmer’s market in Oakland. Can you share more about them, someone told me they grow on a type of palm. I ate them plain as I had no idea what to do with them. The salt and chili is a great combination with many things.

  6. I love the crisp, tangy crunch of this fruit!! The first time I tried them was after I moved to Lahore. I will have to try some of the suggested variations, pickling etc. soon.

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