Every once in a while I get this itch to get out of the house, to go wander. This weekend was no exception. Under loud and whining protests from my three guys, I packed them into the car and announced that we were going out. Where, they asked. Dont know was the answer. This did not sit well with the two older gentlemen who were keen on the Redskins game that afternoon. The 3-year-old protested because the other two were. 

But there is one advantage to being a mom – they eventually listen and give in to me. Yes, I am that mean. 

I read an essay a few weeks ago in which a writer was quoting someone who said that even if she lived to be a 100, she would only see Fall a 100 times.. too less… 

So that is what I decided we would do: explore the Fall colors on Skyline drive in Virginia where they are said to be almost mystical (yes, I know the colors in Boston and Maine are better but play along). 

No sooner than we were in the car, the complaints went from "Are we there yet?" to "I am hungry now." I refused to stop at typical fast food places and convinced by husband to pull off the highway to eat at a place called the Apple House. I had seen a sign on the highway for it and it sounded just right. 

 One look at the menu and the mood of all three of my boys changed – fried eggs with cheese and bacon, home fries, bbq. Oh, yes, this could yet be a good day for them. 

We ordered a made to order breakfast prepared by, we were told, three generations of the owners working in the kitchen. The place was swarming with people. All ready to order pancakes and bacon. 

As we waited for our food, we wandered off to the around the store to explore. We found they carried an amazing Vera Bradley collection, toys for the kids, a special section of their own wines, tons of marinades and jellies. 

We tasted, loved and purchased several wines including an Apple Wine and a Mango Wine. The line was too long or I would have also purchased the chocolate wine. DSC_1379
  They had a lovely area outside the store where we sat and sipped our loot. The kids ran round and played in the fall leaves and the crisp fall air made us huddle close and giggle louder. 

















 One of the most terrific items on the very reasonable menu was donuts. The REAL donuts. We had pumpkin donuts with cream cheese and apple donuts dusted with cinnamon sugar. They tasted like home-made cake. Nothing like the donuts I am used to from some other commercial outlets. 


All fed and happy, the boys and I headed out to Skyline Drive. And at this point, I am happy to report, no one was whining. We were all talking about Apple House, our new discovery and how we were so glad we stopped and decided to try this new place and did not stay home/give in to fast food/pack sandwiches. 



Our drive to Skyline was quiet as the boys and I gazed out the window. The colors were spectacular ranging from burnt orange to dark brown to a sparking yellow to yes, even some still green. 





DSC_1384 DSC_1403


AsDSC_1394 my husband and I marveled at the blessings of all this natural beauty in the US, my kids made a new friend ->>>









We spent the day exploring, taking photos, talking, laughing and generally wandering. 

As we were getting into the car to head home, I remembered a sign I had read a while ago, "Not all those who love to wander are lost." So true, and we had found ourselves again here.. in nature.. together. 

Oh, and title to the post? As we were leaving the Apple House, I saw this sign. We had already eaten our fill and the lines were so long so I asked a regular what that meant And he said, they seasoned the fries with the legendary "Slap Ya mama" seasonings. DSC_1373

A great reason to go back someday soon and wander some more.   




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  1. Adventure beats all, no?

    Good for you for taking the plunge. Well worth it, by all appearances. Funny how kids (and spouses!) rally around a fierce mom!

    Note to file: search out Slap ya mama fries on next trip throu Virginia 😉

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I love those kind of road trips – especially when you find a great place to eat like that!

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