“Lust-worthy chocolates by Co Co. Sala and Monica Bhide” says Tim Carman of The Washington Post (blog)

Adult Chocolate, Indian Flavors” Wall Street Journal, India RealTime Blog

Monica Bhide and Co Co. Sala Team Up on Chocolates, Eater.com

New Line of Spice Infused chocolates, Yahoo.com

“Exotic Valentine’s Day getaway sans a flight to Mumbai” – Washington Post Express

A lovely write-up by American Food Roots

I am partnering with artisan chocolate maker Co Co Sala to bring forth my own line of luxury spiced chocolates for Valentine’s Day. These are high-end chocolates spiced with aphrodisiac spices like saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. We even spiced one with Gulkand (spiced Indian rose preserves) — what is Valentine’s Day without roses!

Our combinations:

SpiceSutra Bar Collection:

“KESAR”: milk chocolate / saffron / cinnamon-toasted almonds

“ADRAK”: dark chocolate / candied ginger / fennel seeds

“ELAICHI”: white chocolate / green cardamom

“GULAAB”: milk chocolate / gulkand rose preserves / toasted cashews

The chocolates will be on sale for three days here on my site and via Co Co Sala directly. They will cost $30 a box (plus shipping and handling). I can promise you that the taste is truly amazing with the spices balancing out the sweetness of the chocolate.


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