This was a celebration of Holi in our home with a newly wed couple

Photo – From my personal album shows my family with a cousin who had just been married, all celebrating holi.

I am so super excited to share with you my experience and thoughts about the Indian festival of Holi on NPR’s Kitchen Window. I hope that you will read the article and enjoy the recipes for  Dahi Aloo CurrySaffron RiceSaffron and Mango Cannoli, and Kanji (carrot drink).

This photo of the Dahi Aloo Curry, was taken by my favorite photographer Stephanie Stiavetti ( Check the NPR site for the wonderful recipe provided by Chef Floyd Cardoz.

Black carrots and mustard seeds for kaanji
This is an image of the black carrots and mustard seeds used to make kaanji, a typical Holi related drink.

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  1. This dish looks fantastic. Congrats on the NPR coverage.

  2. I’ve never seen black carrots before, but they look uber interesting! I’d love to cook with them.. probably gonna research them a little bit for recipes and where to buy! Kudos.

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  3. Enjoyed the piece, colorful and timeless, of course! Enjoy the holi season.

  4. Gorgeous colours. This post comes at just the right time as winter seems so reluctant to leave.

    And that saffron and mango cannelloni sounds amazing!

  5. Cannoli! Cannoli. Darned fingers not talking to my brain.

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