We have a cover! I am so thrilled. I love it! What do you all think? The book hits the market today! Very thrilled and honored that the legendary Chef Sanjeev Kapoor wrote the foreword for this edition.

MS COVER_final after Wet proof-1
 Here is the link - http://www.randomhouse.co.in/BookDetails.aspx?BookId=bgfFgsWbjS0%3d

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  1. I enjoy the abundance portrayed on the cover. Very enticing to anyone browsing the bookstore.

  2. This looks wonderful, looking forward to it.

  3. All the best with this Monica!
    The book makes Indian cooking seem so much fun.Got an issue from Random House and will be posting a review shortly- will keep you posted.

  4. I think the cover is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of a modern spice market, in miniature. The colors and design seem like they will be very appealing to your Indian audiences (or any audience, for that matter ;-). So excited and happy for you!

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